Church in Bangalore – Looking for a Pentecostal Fellowship?

There are many pentecostal churches in Bangalore. But it is not easy to find them. Very few of them have online presence. So if you are searching for a pentecostal church in bangalore, you are liekly to receive less relavant search result. Here is a church website we strongly recommend if you are looking for a church in bangalore.

Prayer Home – is a church in bangalore where you can get a pentecostal fellowship. Prayer Home is pastored by Pastor Linu Thankachan who graduated from Scism Christian Institute. This church in bangalore has a worship service every Sunday in English and Kannada. Their Sunday service start at 10:30am. Prayer Home’s Sunday service last for 90 minutes consisted of 45 minutes message, prayer, testimonial, praise and worship.

It is easy to get there!. Prayer Home has a Driving Direction, where you can easily navigate the road map from your location to this church location. They have used Google Maps for this purposes. You can zoom out the map to explore more and get a clear driving direction. Considering the traffic chaos in Bangalore, Prayer Home is located in a place where you can easily reach them. Prayer Home also pick up people from nearby location, in case if you trouble to reach to their location.

Prayer Home, as the name stands for, is a place where your prayer requests will get much attention. Prayer Home is connected with a world network of Prayer and the prayer request sumited on this website will be shared with prayer partners all over the world if the user opt-in for it. Prayer home also has a facility to connect the prayer request sender with a local prayer partner in his/her area.
church in bangalore
All means of contact information is given in this website. You can contact Prayer Home, by Email, Cell Phone, Land Line Phone and Web Form Submission. Your feedback/messages/prayer requests are highly solicted and a response is always guranteed. If you have come bangalore for a job or education or re-locating to bangalore or any other purpose, perhaps Prayer Home People can be a helpful to you. Prayer Home people help you in providing saftey and travel tips in the city and also make arrangement for other needs, a new comer will need in bangalore.

Click here to go to Prayer Home’s church in Bangalore website.

6 Responses to “Church in Bangalore – Looking for a Pentecostal Fellowship?”

  • iam uday 42 years,Bangalorean, please pray for me to get a job

  • Please, pray:
    That Our Lord God strength the relationship between Dejan M. and me!
    That our love will grow stronger day by day and that we always place God in the center of our lives!
    Thank you for all your prayers
    Praying for you
    Katarina from Belgrade in Serbia

  • pray for me for my trouble in life for my enemies and victory to me for worry and many diffecoult hurts ,in Jesus name , thanks and bless,keijo sweden

  • sudip chakrabarti

    please pray for my mom who strongly believes that the hospital is conspiring against her. please pray for asim delivering food to her. please also pray for me not to get any disturbing letters or phone messages or phone calls.


    3 quarter time college student, lost job of 10 years
    after new boss took over company. Oct 2008 my
    first decent car in 30 years was totaled. I am a
    prayer warrior of Pentecostal faith since 1979.
    I recently placed 3 Christian poetry books online.
    When I placed my name on prayer lists, I
    immediately felt burdens lifted. I believe in the
    power of united prayer. God bless you for taking
    the time to pray for me. May he bless you

  • Please pray for my friend Petra to be saved. Also, how effective is prayer?

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