The Best Antivirus 2008 (Revealed)

We all are afraid of virus, spyware, worms, and other harmfull threats which are very dangerous to our computer.Many of them are unable to remove such virus so the option remain by them is FORMAT THE COMPUTER ( i.e installing a fresh copy of O.S). To protect PC from such dangerous and harmfull threats we use antivirus. But which ONE IS BEST????.

Everyone want to known this which is best for me to protect my pc.
After using all the antivirus for last 4 years and Seeing Review on every antivirus, i came to conclusion…

1} AVG ANTIVIRUS : This is the best antivirus i found when using this. Very easy to interact with program and very good detection but the latest release of 8.0 as DISAPPOINTED me because of updates problem and low in detection plus point of avg it will also work great in 256 mb of Ram but then also i will give it 8.5/10…

2} Nod32 : Many prefer this because of good detection and its very fast but make your pc dumb.Go for this is you have good memory and fulfill its requirement. i will give it 7/10 …

3} mcaffee Anti virus : This is popular and widely used because its name is in market as the best antivirus.But yes good detection only if u have latest updates . But the interaction with program get confused and also updating mcaffee is little hard…but gain mark of 8/10…

4} Kaspersky Antivirus: Well friend ,I would like to tell u this is one of my favorite antivirus , This is the most popular and highest selling antivirus today,because of its Super detection and very good interactivity, and i would like to tell u it even repair the system which is infected by virus e.g missing of folder option ,Hidden files problem ,many such problem created by virus.
The requirement for this antivirus is little high u need minimum 256 mb to work but 512 will work great.
So for this antivirus i rate it at 10/10…

Conclusion: According to surveys we came to known that kaspersky is the one of the best and top selling antivirus.So kaspersky is the BEST ANTIVIRUS OF 2008

I have not included of Norton but its a good antivirus and with great detection which stand at 9/10

(note:In above panda,expert,Norton and other antivirus as not been included.)

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13 Responses to “The Best Antivirus 2008 (Revealed)”

  • your antivirus is not remove the theart like torjan,autoplay

  • This is message for ARASH please help me about my BITDEFENDER
    thank You

  • if me the best antivirus is nod32.very good antivirus.can ferrer here for review The Best Antivirus 2008

  • “Many of them are unable to remove such virus so the option remain by them is FORMAT”

    Correct Sentence
    Many of the virus software used are not in a postion to remove harmful virus so the option that remains is by deleting the existant format.And installing a new format.

  • yes ,i agree with Dj roshan
    Today kaspersky is the best i m using that.

  • akshaybatra1

    try AVG AVAST ,it is the best antivirus and also has free updation available on net,

  • Norton’s terribly ineffective, and the only thing with Kaspersky is it slows down the system terribly! 🙁

  • An informative one.. kudos! Avira, Avast, Symantec are some other notable anti-virus s/w each with its own speciality.. google to find out more..

  • NORTON 2007 is the best antivirus.

  • i found some virus regsvr.exe and newfolder.exe and some folder name viruses thats all clear by avg anti virus and system speed also doesn’t gets slow its the better choice

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  • hey manoj
    i see ur problem u want a new antivirus check this site fr world no 1 antivirus “BITDEFENDER”
    if u r satisfied with the trial version then mail me or leave a comment…….i ll definitely help u……
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  • Thank you friend ,
    I Don’t known much about antivirus but reading this i am sure going put kaspersky but from were i will get this.I m using avg plz help me.

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