Create Your Free SMS Short Code Service in India

Now you can create your Free SMS Short Code Service in India. A SMS Short Code or SMS Keyword is a virtual identity that would describe about your business, product, service and company on a short code (56070), SMS Short Code is now widely used by many marketers on print, TV , radio and outdoor advertising to generate greater response from ad campaigns.

Many company charges for such services. But here is your opportunity to grab a SMS Short Code.

Let’s say, your company name is infozoft. Now you can create a SMS Short Code like InfoZoft. You can set up a message for this short code. So whenever people sms infozoft and send to 56070, you message will be delivered to them. This will happen 24/7

SMS Short Code also can be used as personal unique identity code. If your name is amit and you can create a SMS keyword like amit and set up a service message like what you are upto now. When friend send a sms ‘amit’ to 56070, they will get your latest news.

Sound great? Here is how you can grab one for you.

In your mobile type PING and send to 56070
free sms short code keyword service in india
You will immediately receive a SMS with the instruction to create your Free SMS Short Code / SMS Keyword absolutely free. You can also setup 10 additional sub keyword. (This will only work with Indian Mobile Numbers)

Hurry up and send a SMS … type PING and the message to 56070

15 Responses to “Create Your Free SMS Short Code Service in India”

  • i have pinged the requested code and nothing has happened, is it in your description that only indian mobile phones can receive this information? thank you.

  • Please let me know how i can register for this service because there is no link to register on your website.

  • Pls mention me the cost and the procedure for the same…

  • Mr K.P vaghela

    Please send me information about short code, we need for our company
    thank you

  • Satyendra Kumar Garg

    pl. send the details regarding short code registration.

    i also want to know more about this service

    plz sent me all detail about this and how we share revenue

    Can i create a new short code no.


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