How to Choose a Mobile Phone Wholesaler

Do you want to capitalize on the popularity of mobile phones by opening your own cell phone store?  Whether your store operates locally, online, or both, you need to find a wholesale mobile phone supplier.  Luckily, this is the easy part.  Choosing a wholesale supplier is the hard part.

So, what should you look for in a cell phone wholesale supplier?

A large assortment of cell phones.  To operate a profitable mobile phone store, you want two types of cell phones.  These are quality cell phones, which are often the newer, more expensive models, and cheap cell phones.  Cheap cell phones are those that people can purchase when on a budget or for emergency purposes only.  To increase your sales, cater to both types of consumers.  So, look for wholesale suppliers that can give you both.

A large assortment of mobile phone accessories.  If you operate a cell phone store, most of your attention will be focused on the cell phones themselves.  This is good, as quality and cheap phones will generate interest among customers.  Even still, one of your best chances of making money is with cell phone accessories.  Did you just buy a case of Motorola cell phones?  Make sure you have matching faceplates, chargers, blue tooth headsets, and so forth available for sale.  Most wholesale mobile phone suppliers also sell accessories, but always compare prices.

Good wholesale prices.  When buying wholesale, never pay full price.  If you do, you will lose money, not make it.  Unfortunately, it can be hard to see if you are getting a good discount.  Most wholesalers are good at making it seem like you are, but you may not.  With new mobile phones always hitting the market, older models decrease in value quite often.  Don’t assume a wholesale supplier alters their prices to this deprecation.  Look for yourself.  Visit the website of the cell phone manufacturer or an online cell phone store.  Compare wholesale prices against selling prices.  Always make sure you can resell the phones for a profit.

Low minimum purchase.  It is not uncommon for wholesale suppliers to require a minimum purchase.  If you are looking to stock a brick and mortar store or an online store, you will need a lot of mobile phones and accessories.  For that reason, you should meet the minimum purchase requirement.  Still, only purchase what you need.  This is important with wholesalers that have a large minimum purchase amount.  Don’t be forced to buy extra phones, if you don’t anticipate selling them.

Low shipping costs.  Most wholesale products are shipped.  Unless you are lucky enough to find a local wholesale supplier that allows for free pickup, prepare to pay for shipping. Unfortunately, high shipping costs can ruin an otherwise good wholesale discount.  Always include shipping costs with the wholesale costs.  For example, a package of 4 Nokia phones may cost $100.  That is $25 per phone.  If you pay $20 in shipping, that increases the cost of each phone to $30.  Make sure you can still sell the phones for a profit.

Good reviews.  Many wholesalers sell mobile phone and cell phone accessories.  Of course, you want to find quality products at a good price, but it is important to consider reputation.  Always do business with someone you can trust.  You can use consumer reporting websites, the Better Business Bureau, and wholesale review websites to gauge a supplier.  Look for those that have quality products, good prices, quick shipping, low shipping costs, and a reputation for packing.  Unless you are offered a significant savings, start out small.  See how you like the service of a wholesaler before placing a huge order.

In short, a good mobile phone wholesaler is one that allows you to make a profit.  In the end, that is all that truly matters.  So before placing an order with a wholesale supplier, consider your profit margin.  The lower your expenses, the more you profit.

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