How to Find Used Cell Phones to Sell

Do you want to make money selling mobile phones?  For the best success, resell both new and used cell phones.  However, if you want to limit your operating costs, you may decide to stick solely with used cell phones.  Used cell phones are easier to buy cheap and resell for a cheap price, while still making a profit.

So, how do find used cell phones to resell for a profit?  As you likely already know, is a popular online marketplace.  Internet users are able to buy and sell goods, including mobile phones.  Unfortunately, the popularity of eBay has skyrocketed.  More people are trying to make money by selling things online.  This increase in competition has lead to low prices.  Not only can you find cheap used cell phones on, but cheap new ones too!

If you want to buy used cell phones to resell from the eBay website, you need to proceed with caution.  As previously stated, competition tends to drive down costs, but some sellers still try to make money.  In fact, you will find some cell phones selling for more than their worth.  Do not lose money this way.  Only buy mobile phones you can profit from.  Also, since you are buying used, you should pay a lot less.  Although many people use eBay to make extra money, the fees that sellers are charged is a big turnoff for most.  For that reason, many are now turning to  This is a free online classified website.  Perform a search to find used cell phones for sale.  Most people want to sell locally, so find your local Craigslist section.  To get better results, search all cities on the website.  With this approach, offer to pay shipping and handling for long-distance purchases.

In addition to searching to find used cell phones for sale, you can also place your own advertisement.  Essentially, you create a want add.  You state you want something and those who have it contact you through the website, by phone, or email.  To increase your chances of a response, offer payment for good phones.  You can state payment depends on the phone in question or give a low amount, such as $5.  Even this will work, as some people have old mobile phones just sitting around, not knowing what to do with them.

Newspaper classifieds.  When it comes to selling old mobile phones, many owners find it easier to turn to the internet.  Even still, some people use the traditional newspaper classified ads.  For that reason, be sure to browse yours.  As with, you can take out a want ad in your local newspaper.  Offer a small amount of payment to increase responses.  You should start with your local newspaper, but if you reside in a small town, target larger newspapers in bigger communities.

In addition to advertising the fact that you buy used cell phones, you can also start a recycling program.  As previously stated, many people hold on to their old cell phones.  Many do this because they do not want to add to the growing trash problem in America.  Instead, state you recycle or reuse cell phones.  Whether you offer payment for those cell phones or not, you should get some takers.  There is a lot of focus on the environment today, and many consumers want to do their part.  This may include giving you their cell phone to prolong its life and keep it out of a landfill.

The above mentioned approaches are just a few of the many ways you can find used cell phones to resell.  The more avenues you try, the more success you should have. Regardless of which approach you take, remember your goal.  That goal is to profit from the mobile phone revolution.  For that reason, never pay too much for a used cell phone.  The less you pay, the more you will profit from resale.

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  • Thanks for the very informative post. I never really thought of purchasing old cell phones and reselling them for a profit. I have a few old ones of my own that I need to get rid of and I am going to turn to Craigslist. that site is making a serious dent into Ebay’s profits. I have had good success with CL in other areas like finding handymen and such, so thanks for reminding me of such a great place to sell my old phones.

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