How to Find a Wholesale Mobile Phone Seller

If you want to make money selling mobile phones and accessories, you need to find a good wholesale supplier.  To profit from the sale of mobile phones, you need to resell them for a profit.  The first step in doing so is limiting your business expenses.  By purchasing cell phones and accessories wholesale, you should receive a substantial discount. This discount allows you to turn a profit.

So, how do you find wholesale mobile phone suppliers?

There are many ways to find wholesale suppliers for mobile phones.  The simplest approach is to turn to the internet.  With a standard internet search, you can be connected to thousands of wholesale suppliers.  Not only that, you can view their selection of products, read product reviews, find good discounts, and place your order right from the comfort of your own home.

As previously stated, a standard internet search is the best way to find wholesale suppliers for phones.  To get started, perform a standard internet search with the phrase “wholesale cell phones.”  This will connect you to wholesale suppliers who have phones available for sale.  You will see many companies.  Don’t submit an order for the first company you see, instead examine all of your options first.

Although your focus is to sell mobile phones, you should sell accessories too.  Multiple sales are an easy way to increase your profits.  In addition to just selling a Motorola cell phone, sell the works.  Subtly convince your customer to purchase an additional charger for emergency purposes, a cool new faceplate, and a blue tooth headset.  Most phone wholesalers do sell accessories, but consider expanding your horizons.  Find wholesalers that specialize in the accessories only.  You may find better discounts.

In addition to finding wholesale suppliers, try going directly to the source.  If you are interested in starting a full fledge brick and mortar store or an online cell phone store, you can make contact with phone manufacturers.  Many manufacturers have direct wholesale packages available for sale.  Some manufacturers limit who they do business with, like large retailers only, but it will not hurt to make contact.  In fact, you may get information on the manufacturer’s preferred wholesale suppliers.

The easiest way to find wholesale cell phone suppliers is to turn to the internet.  With that said, do not discount your local options.  If you live in a large city, there may be a local supplier right in your own community.  Of course, you want to compare prices.  You want to get the best wholesale discounts.  With that said, if you can get a good deal take it.  In fact, see if you can save even more money.  Instead of paying for shipping, inquire about a free pickup.  Shipping costs cut into your profits, so doing business with a local wholesaler can lessen the impact.

By following the above mentioned steps, you can easily find a number of mobile phone wholesale providers to choose from.  In fact, that is the next step.  To run a successful cell phone store, you need to do more than just find wholesalers, but choose one.  When doing so, remember your goal is to make money.  Choose wholesalers with quality phones, but with discount prices.  Always compare the wholesale cost of a mobile phone or accessory with its current selling price.  Ensure you can turn a profit before making a purchase.

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