How to increase the startup speed in Windows Vista Computer?

How to increase the startup speed in Windows Vista Computer?
increase the startup speed in Windows Vista ComputerWant to increase the computer bootup time? Does your Windows Vista Computer slow in startup? Windows Vista Computer take too much time to start the program? I have solved these issues in my Windows Vista Computer by following below method.

Use Winpatrol: One of the best free software available to control the startup list in your computer. Sometime it can be complicated directly disabling startup program in Registry key, also it require advanced knowledge. But Winpatrol is a user friendly software to safely disable the startup program you don’t want.
Winpatrol shows the list of current startup program. You can remove it, if you are not sure about a particular startup program, you can disable it and see if anything goes wrong at the next start up.
If you upgrade to Winpatrol Plus, you can read the Program Info which will tell you weather that program is necessary to keep in startup list.

Another thing you can do with Winpatrol is to delay startup time in particular program. This way startup programs won’t open all at once causing huge delay to system startup. In my computer I have setup startup delay for program like Dock, sidebar etc. I have kept the most essential programs in startup list such as Anti-virus programme, Fingerprint Reader, Touch Pad etc

Keeping the less number of startup programs will increase the system startup programs. Also delaying some optional startup programs will help. You can visit this site to Download the software Winpatrol and install it on your computer. Once installation is completed, open the program and look at the list of current startup program. In case if you do not know about a particular programme, you can search information about it in the internet. If you want to disable a particular startup program, click on the programme name, then click on disable button from bottom option. If you want to delay startup time of a particular programme, right click on the program and choose ‘Move Delayed Program List’. Now you can click on ‘Delayed List” tab and set a delay time for that program.

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