Common Problems to Avoid when you Outsource Software Development

Have you heard someone talking about difficult scenarios relating to outsourcing their software development? Hearing such stories can make you wary about oursourcing your own projects. After all you don’t want the headache of difficult programmers or those that don’t complete the job on time. Yet if you are aware of some common problems that can occur with outsourcing you can take action to safeguard against them from the very start.

A lack of communication is the most common problem out there. You may be friendly enough and so is the programmer, but what is really being said? What each of you interprets could be extremely different from each other. It is vital that you verify you are both on the same page. If visual materials can be shared in addition to oral communication it is even more effective. If you have questions make sure you ask so that no one is assuming anything.

Take your time to find the right individual for the job. You may have to spend time interviewing several software developers or team leaders before you are confident that you have found the right one for your needs. That is time well spent though so don’t undervalue it. Would you rather put in more time now at the front end of things or wait until the project is a mess and you have to invest much more time and even money to straighten it all out?

There should be some form of written documentation verifying what will be taking place. This way there is no question about the specifications of the project, the pay for it, time frames, or testing intervals. Be very specific in each one of these categories. Should a change need to be done to that documentation both parties need to agree to it. For example you may both agree that further work will be done and another $1,000 will be paid for it. Make sure additional documentation is completed to cover such changes as well.

Never make the mistake of not being involved in what is taking place with the project. It is understandable that you aren’t an expert is this field or you would likely be doing the work yourself. However, you don’t want to just have the date the work is due circled in red on your calendar. Then when it doesn’t show up or it is wrong you will be in a panic. Make it a routine to communicate with the programmer at least once a week. Make sure they have access to multiple ways to communicate with you. That way issues can be addressed immediately and safe time.

Testing at regular intervals during the project is essential. This should definitely be part of the documentation between you. This allows you to regularly test what has been completed so far. This process will help to keep problems to a minimum. It is much easier to address smaller issues that it is when they continue to be built upon. This testing is your responsibility so don’t just assume the programmer is finding every thing or you will be in for a disappointment.

Testing also offers you another benefit whether you realize it or not. It encourages the programmer to stay on schedule with the work. They won’t be able to put it off and then rush to complete it before the end. When they know testing dates are coming up they will strive to have things working as well as possible by that point in time. This is a great way to eliminate sloppy work and to avoid getting the final delivery behind schedule.

Avoiding these types of common problems in relationship to outsourcing software development means you are more likely to get the results you seek. You will be able to move along through the project with the programmer and work together on anything that does come up. You will be able to have your completed project on time and in the right format. You will likely save a great deal of money in the process which is definitely something to make your day a bit brighter.

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