Finding Best Web Hosting Service Providers in India

Before the launch of this website, my main concern was choosing a best web hosting service provider in India. Google gave me a lot of best result for my search. I began to send sale inquires to many hosting providers. Only few of them answered my emails. This helped me to determine how many of them are honest hosting provider and would respond to my mails.

I began to ask technical question on each of these providers. My website needed around 1 GB space. Since I was hosting a multi blogger website, I expected a good amount of web traffic. So I needed plenty of bandwidth too. Since I planned to test several php/mysql based application I wanted lots of MySql database account.

So my main concerns in technical configuration were, latest version of php/mysql, premium bandwidth, database account, domain addons and good server uptime. My close approach to these service provider helped me to find out what they are actually providing. Unfortunately many of those technical server features were not meeting my needs. Some providers may provider plenty of space and bandwidth, but they are only giving one or two database account or domain addons.

I was totally disappointed on having not found a single hosting provider in India to meet my needs. Suddenly a thought came my mind. Bangalore is known as IT city for India. How about searching a Hosting Provider in Bangalore City? Google gave me some best result of Hosting provider who were based on Bangalore. I began to contact each of them as I did before. Among those companies, one hosting provider’s approach was very impressive. Bethel Web Hosting Solutions were quick in answering my emails, their package feature were exactly what I was looking for, and to my surprise prices were very affordable. I did little research on this provider and found out from other customers that Bethel Web Hosting is providing an excellent hosting service in India.

Since Bethel Web Hosting Solutions had 30 days Money Back guarantee, I decided to purchase their Professional Hosting Package. After the payment was done, they setup my account with in 30 minute and got all information. I began to host my site on their server. I got a excellent support from them. Their remote desktop support  is a very innovative idea. Now it has been more than 6 months. I am still with Bethel Web Hosting Solutions. Their server speed is very fast. To my memory, not even once there was a server down time. Fantastic Server uptime.

Bethel Web Hosting did not pay me money to write this. This is my personal experience. If you are searching for a good web hosting provider in India, I strongly recommend Bethel Web Hosting.

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