Riding the bus or driving your child to school which is better?

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As summer draws to a close and the time to buckle down and start school approaches one of the things that we need to start thinking about is how we’re going to get our children to school. In most areas that means choosing one of two options. We can either drive our children to school or they can ride the local school bus system. Each way has it’s own pros and cons so most of the time it’s a matter of personal preference. Which option is going to work the best for you and your family?

The first and most commonly used option is for children to ride the bus to school. This has traditionally been the way that most children get to school. This is a good option for a couple of reasons. The first is the fact that with rising gas costs it can get extremely expensive to drive your child to school every day. It saves you from having to take the time for the drive which can be a plus especially in the morning when you are rushing off to your own job. There’s also the added value of them being able to spend time with friends during the bus ride which gives them social time.

On the other hand your child riding the can have some serious disadvantages also. There’s no flexibility in the schedule so you have to have your child at the bus stop at the proper time very morning or they won’t make it on the bus. This can be hard in household where both parents work and have to leave work every morning to go to work. There’s also the fact that while school bus drivers do their best to be safe you never know what can happen and accidents are always possible. Add in the fact that it’s only one bus driver for a whole bus of children meaning they are not always very well supervised and it’s not a situation that’s right for very family and every child.

Then there’s the option of driving our children to school. This option works great for some families especially if the school the child attends happens to be near a parents workplace. It gives more bonding time to the parent and child by allowing them to have time together to talk both before and after school. This leads to a greater understanding and better communication which is always a positive thing in the parental relationship. It also helps give time to go over schedules so that the parent knows exactly where their child is going to be at during the day.

The down sides to driving you children to school are the amount of time that it can take out of your schedule and the cost of the gas to drive. There are some ways around those problems though. One of the most common ways around these problems is to arrange a carpool with other parents. Put an ad out and see if there are any parents near you that are facing the same problems and see if maybe together you can find a solution to the problem.

There are different ways to handle the situation of having to get your child to school. It can be difficult to figure out at first but if you take the time to think about things and research your options you can find a good solution for your problems.

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