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Growing up, my grandmother taught me a very valuable lesson when it came to school supplies. She used to take me to the local “Dollar Store” and we would spend 20 dollars on paper, pencils, pens, erasers, etc. Bag after of bag of school supplies would be loaded into the trunk of her car. I was embarrassed that I was buying bargain school supplies and I remember thinking “how good can a pencil be if I can get 50 of them for a dollar”. When we would get home and the supplies would be put on a shelf in the closet she always used to tell me that I would never need a single supply during the school year.

She was right, I never had to ask to borrow a pencil, or scramble for paper for an assignment. My worries of having “bargain supplies” at school and being ridiculed for it were dispelled when I realized that a pencil was a pencil. My cheap paper was the same as the kid next to me. My grandmother taught me that my supplies were tools used to achieve a goal and not the goal itself.

Deals on school supplies can be found anywhere and everywhere. Some of the most common and basic ones can be found at your neighborhood “Dollar Store”, by stocking up on the essentials at these stores you are allowing for more money to be spent on supplies like computers, calculators, etc.

With the advent of the internet, something not available when I was a kid, school supplies can be found at lower prices than ever before. Auction sites like and are great places to find gently used higher-end items at the same time finding general school supplies in bulk for great prices. Other sites specialize in direct to parent deals on school supplies better than those found at local office supply stores. Utilizing the internet to find deals has never been easier.

The type of school supplies needed varies depending on the grade the student is in. Kindergarten through fourth grade typically only the very basic supplies are needed to succeed in class; pencils, crayons, paper, glue. Usually, these supplies are only needed one time to last the entire school year. As the student grows older however the needs change. Fifth grade and on the demands on a student only increase and those demands are reflected in the tools needed to achieve good grades. The usual paper, pencils, pens, folders, etc are still needed. On top of those though is the need for special clothing for Physical Education, specific types of calculators depending on the math class, rulers, reference books and even computers are all needs of the growing student.

Thankfully, the more specialized types of tools needed by students have a long life if taken care of. Often, these tools can be passed from one student to another as needed. A computer purchased brand new can be used by an entire family for years if maintained and cared for. Calculators can last indefinitely if taken care of and never need to be replaced.

Deals can be found for saving some money and stocking up on nearly all types of school supplies, it is just a matter finding the local ”Dollar Store” or searching the internet. More expensive supplies can be used for yeas if proper care is taken of them and they are appreciated.

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