Dell 1320c Color Laser Printer Review

The Dell 1320c color laser printer packs enough power to be used in a home office or small businesses with medium printing needs. Coming in at $300 this printer can only be connected using USB, which is a trend among most computer peripherals that have been released in the last few years.

The design of this gray Dell 1320c is similar to other printers, so don’t expect it to look unique. When it comes to the control pad functions, you only have a choice of continue or cancel and the rest will have to be controlled via the main computer that this printer has been connected to.

However, there are LED images that will light up to give you an idea of what to do in case of a printing problem. If your toner is running out and needs to be replaced shortly, icons will light up and alert you to change your four cartridges.

The default tray that comes with the Dell 1320c color laser printer can hold up to 250 sheets of paper and you will not have the option of upgrading to a larger tray. Printed materials are released on the top of this color laser and you have to pay attention and remove completed sheets if you have a lot of printing to do, as the output tray will only hold 150 sheets at a time.

On the right side of the printer, in a hidden compartment, you will find the four cartridge toners that you can easily replace. You will want to think ahead and move this printer that weighs just under 40 pounds, before you change out the toners. If you choose to leave the printer in its regular spot, be aware that particles of toner will be released onto the desk that holds the Dell 1320c.

Every small business and home office is different, and some may need to do more printing than others. To compensate for this, you can choose to buy toners for small jobs or big printing work. The toner cartridges will come in two sizes, which are 1,000 and 2,000 prints. If you do a lot of printing and choose the larger toner, you will be able to get over 30,000 printers per month.

When it comes to the performance aspect of the Dell 1320c, it will print slowly for black only jobs and faster if you are printing colored works. When graphics were added, the black prints were even slower to produce. The bottom line is, this printer works best for color printing needs.

While the color prints were high quality and good enough for small businesses, the black printers were less than ok. If you need dark graphics, using the black toner, your work will look faded to the point of being gray, instead of black. However, the prints made in color showed the lowest quality of all.

Some other features of the Dell 1320c color laser printer include the ability to connect it to your computer via the network adapter instead of the USB cords. However, this extra adapter is sold separately at a cost of $50.

The processor is 333MHz and you are not able to upgrade the 64MB memory. While printer does not have a lot of control functions or even an LED screen, the software will allow you more control and help when you need to create certain types of printing materials. Some of the completed works include the creation of posters and the ability to enlarge or shrink different kinds of prints.

The Dell 1320c color laser print is not expensive and it can make great prints. If you have a home office, this printer is good enough to give you the completed prints that you will need. However, if you would like faster printing speeds and better colored graphics, you may want to spend the extra money for a really great color laser printer.

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