How to Maximize Extended Cell Phone Battery Life

cell phone battery lifeDo you want to make your cell phone a best cell phone with longest battery life? Searching for tips to make your cell phone with a long battery life? Does your cell phone battery life degrade so rapidly? Then read these tips on unlocking extra cell phone battery life.

One of the main sources of battery charge consummation is your Cell Phone Screen. The brighter is your cell phone screen the more battery power it takes. If you reduce the screen brightness of your mobile phone, you can save a lot of batter power. This option can be found in Setting > Phone Setting > Display Options in most of the cell phones.

If your cell phone is enabled with Wi-fi and Bluetooth, these functions also take extra battery charge. Thesebest cell phone battery life options might be turned on by default in your mobile phone. If you are not using the Wi-fi and Bluetooth, you can turn it off and this way you will save some battery charge.

Running too many programs in the background will also take too much battery power of your cell phone. Many smart phones have default applications that runs automatically every time you turn on your cell phone such as Music Player or Radio Application. You can close those applications which you do not use. It will save your cell phone batter life.

If your Cell Phone is more than year old, you can think of a cell phone battery replacement which will improve your cell phone performance. These tips can be applicable in Nokia, Motorola, Sony, Samsung and many other Cell Phones.

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