8GB iPhone to cost Rs 31,000?

The wait for iPhone 3G in India at last seems to be over. According to major news reports, the price detail of the most awaited gadget Apple iPhone3g is set to be launched in India on August 22, is out today.

News reports point out that the 8 GB version of the 3G iPhone will cost Rs 31000, when the 16 GB version of iPhone 3G will cost between Rs 36000–37000.

These pricing is exclusive of the provider’s rental plan the phone will come bundled with.

Recently Bharti Airtel and Vodafone India announced that they will launch iPhone on August 22.

Bharti says that millions of Airtel subscribers will be able to buy the iPhone at Airtel’s Relationship Centres across India from August 22.

Apple’s iPhone is embedded with a 3G feature and is twice as fast as the existing cell phones. The iPhone3G also has in-built GPS system, which ease as navigation and positioning tool.

9 Responses to “8GB iPhone to cost Rs 31,000?”

  • Manjunath K Venkat

    The price 31k/36k for iPhone is not worth!!! with various prospective to the technology.
    The service providers in India especialy Airtel & Vodafone are cheating and treating as indian citizen’s are fools or not aware of the global market presense!

    Dear Friends, pls do not buy iPhone till the price reduce it to original price+tax.


  • Avinash Bopche

    31K/ 37K is a really extorted price in India. people associated with this phone want to make money in early stage by making Indian fool. Definitely there is no business sense, only getting Indian people anger against this. And grey market will open for common public. Simply it is rubbish.
    I am sure service provider will fail soon and will rethink to reduce Iphone price by 40% atleast.

  • joy_gizmo-freak

    iPhone at 31K / 36K ! Not worth it at all. Does the Indian service-providers and Apple-India feel that there are more than few fools in India to buy it at that price? No way… Will fall on face very soon. Big failure I must say. Indians dont like to be extorted by anyone. Seriously, this is sheer burglary in broad daylight.
    I suggest that they make use of these sets to build their interiors/table/chairs, rather than dumping simply heeeheeee. Horrible business logic… no logic at all.
    Get me at the original price+tax, I’ll pick it.

  • Now it is confirmed I have received an email from vodafone india that the iphone is available for Rs. 31000 for 8 gb and 36000 for 16gb models.
    This will make sure that iphone has a disastrous start to iphone in india because they are leaving the 90 % of the persons who might have purchased it for 20000+.
    Might consider buying samsung touch, nokia 95 or even iphone 3g from the grey market

  • @chukail Yes on any gsm network in the world
    via rebel sim

  • does this i phone 3g can be used in maldives?

  • airtel is charging double than iphone price actually price of iphone write know is $200

  • @sunil dhawan: Hopefully we will hear from Vodafone and Airtel an official announcement regarding the price.

  • But then it should be a handset with no rental obligation it is same as the price in newzealand’s vodafone offers it for 750 usd.

    The second thing is I personally dont think that there would be such a think in In India as at this price point they will be taking 90% of the people out of the context.

    According to NEWS 24 and my personal observance
    I think the apple iphone 8 gb would be priced for 16500 rs and the rental would be around 700-1000 rs per month OR
    I think the iphone would be priced in around 20000 and for data they will charge 500 per month. As this also makes sense.($500) would be the price.

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