Totally Free PC Scan and Repair Online Tool – Best Anti Virus Scanner

Is there any free online tool where I can scan my Personal Computer (PC) for error and repair it automatically? Also I would like to know about a best free anti virus online scanner tool.

There are many website you will come across who do a free PC scan for you and show the number of error it found. But to repair those errors, you will have to buy their product. In some cases the software itself will inject some virus or cause some error to show you as a critical error and you are bound to by the tool.

BitDefender Online Scanner is an on-demand free virus scanner which has a one of the best scanning engines. You can use BitDefender to scan your system’s memory and all local files. This online tool scans drivies’ boot sectors and automatically clean infected files.

This is a free online service. No purchased is required to complete the action. If you are not afford to buy a anti virus scanner, you can this service as anti virus scanner. You can bookmark this website and visit often in order to scan your computer to fix error and repair from infected virus files.

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