Apple iPhone 3G Price in India

Apple iPhone 3G Price in India Rs.12,000 to Rs.14,000

Apple iPhone 3G will be launched in India by Vodafone late August 2008. And probably after the 15 days, Vodafone started selling; Airtel India will bring iPhone 3G to Indian Customers.

Initially, only the 8 GB version of the iPhone 3G will be officially launched in India by Vodafone and Airtel. Apple iPhone 3G handset price to be expected to cost between Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 14,000. This price does not include the data plan cost that a iPhone 3G user will have to pay to its network provider.

It is said that original version of Apple iPhone 3G is available in Indian Grey Market for a price between Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 50,000. Several Gadget shops in Mumbai city promise to offer iPhone 3G by next week.

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  • Abhishek,

    For how much did you buy IPhone 3G. I am getting it for 16500/- with 16 GB card, is it worth or costly…?

  • this mobile is very joyful and great touch screen……..

  • At first Indian providers thought all Indians are crazy and fool,but when iphones sales gone down to zero they understand who are the real idiots.

  • When the US customers are able to get the iPhone 3G 8GB for just $200 (roughly 10,000 INR) including contract rates, why are the Indians having to pay more than 30,000 INR??

  • what is the price of apple iphone 16gb in india and in london

  • Hi,

    Lot and lot of people are cursing themselves not to having that of much amount and missing their desire to have iphone. Seriously price is really high, but recently came to know that Airtel has tied up with banks to provide iphone with easy EMI option. It can be checked at:


  • Apple iphone Price in India is confirmed in the TimesOfIndia site as below:

    8 GB – Rs. 31000/- (Without Plan charge)
    16 GB – Rs. 37000/- (Without Plan charge)

    Read the link is for further detail:

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