Legitimate Work At Home Program in India

If you own a computer and have a net connection, you would have thought of making some money by working in home. There are 100s of ways to make money if you have a personal computer and Internet Connection.

This article deals with some of the basic of Work at Home Jobs in India. You must be aware that there are lots of scam going on. So you must be well informed about it.

First of all 99% of FREE things aren’t free in Internet. Internet marketers use this ‘FREE’ a lot to get you inside their world. If you come across any place that says Work at home – free to join, please double check for a moment. Spend some time around with those types of sites. Before you sign up with those site or do payments, do these preliminary test on those sites.

Check for a contact Address: Is it a valid address?
Check for a contact phone numbers: Tried calling on those numbers?
Check for a contact email address: Try sending an email. Did someone reply you?
Check for a contact/feedback/comment Form: Did that form worked?
Check for domain owner detail: http://whois.sc/example.com

A legitimate work at home program should always have a valid contact information where you can do some pre-sign up correspondence with them.

Legitimate Work At Home Program in India

If you are still not satisfied with their approach of answering your queries, you can check in some forums and ask those people about those work at home programs. There could be someone who know about it and give you some feed back on it.

Do a Google search on that work at home program. You may come across some forum discussion or blog that tell about the user experience of that work at home programs. Never hurry in joining those websites.

It is very hard to find a legitimate Work At Home Program in India. If you find one, you are lucky.

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  • it would be really helpfull if u give me details of scam free site for legitimate home based buissness without initial payment

  • please kindly brief me if i cud benefit by enrolling

  • i wish u for this fantastic gesture

  • I am searching for a legitimate home based job. Please suggest me a scam free site

  • yeah even i agree with that! and also there might be pay problem for the workers

  • The points u have suggested are the best, however there is always a trial and error before u actually stumble upon the real one. However, I would definately say genuine offers on net has their typical genuine followups, which one needs to recognize, to have a right homebased work set up.

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