Apple iPhone 3G Price in USA

Where Can I find Apple iPhone 3G in USA?

Apple iPhone 3G is available in all Apple Retail Store of all States in USA. Here is a link to find your

Apple Retail Store: Complete Store List or you can go to their office website here. Choose the state where you are and it will show the available retail store list in that state. Choose the retail store and press go button. It will take you to a page where you will find the Store Information.

Apple Retail Store Information page will have driving directions and Map to locate. Also you will see store hours that particular retail store operate.

Personal Shopping at the Apple Retail Store

You can make Personal shopping appointment to that Apple Retail Store to test drive new apple iPhone 3G and know everything about it. Personal Shopping in Apple retail store will offer you free and uninterrupted time to do a comfortable shopping. Find more about Personal Shopping

How much Apple iPhone 3G cost in USA?

“Ever since Apple announced that they’re cutting $200 from the iPhone’s price and lowering the iPhone 3G down to $199, people have been rumbling about how the increased AT&T data plan price negates any savings you get up front on the phone.”

apple iphone 3g usa retail store
apple iphone 3g usa retail store

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To purchase and activate iPhone 3G in USA, you need the following:

Credit card
Social security number
Valid government-issued photo ID
Current wireless account number and password or PIN (if you’re new to AT&T)
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  • I need to know what is the cost of UNLOCKED IPHONE 3G 16GB or 32GB, further If I purchase it directly then what is the procedure of Purchasing. And if my friend who is comming from USA, may purchase it from store then what is the procedure



  • i m frm india i want to knw cost of i phone 4 in usa………
    can it work in india ,………
    pls gv me all details …..
    i wil be very thankful to you …………
    thanks ….

  • My friend is coming from usa this month to India. I want to know whats the exact price of Apple iphone 3Gs with an unlocked one. Please let me know . So that I can ask him to bring it here.Hope you get back to me with your review.
    and also wanted to know whether i can put any sim card in that phone. is there bluetooth and camera facility in iphone 3gs now. pls tell me at the earliest

  • hi i am from india my friend is coming to india next month can you plz tell me cost of i phone 3g plz…..plz

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