Virus is infected but not detected…

Hi friends

Is your pc is infected by virus or any harmful malware.
if yes, I see changes done by virus but not detected by antivirus.
No , I don’t think I have any virus and my antivirus has not detected any virus.

If your answer is no it’s good but if your anti virus database is out of date then it will not detect any new virus. Then am I infected with any virus???
So how can I detect my pc is infected by virus or how I will known if I have any virus or any malware infected to my pc…
Its simple, follow the step and check are you infected
1} This is the most common infection found on many infected pc
It Remove folder option from window explorer
go to tool option and folder option
Check if you have it or not
if its not there you are infected…

2} Restriction of any tool like Regedit, ,etc
open Run>>regedit
if u get any error in accessing that, Yours infected

3} The one of the most common virus found in Pc and mostly you find on many pen drives. When you open drives of hardisk or pendrive it will open on new window or u get any error message if u get such —you are infected

4} Open internet explorer and check the title if it’s changed or home page is changed to any different site automatically—you are infected

5} Hey I found none Friend, I have no virus.
>>>Wait, some virus take their affect after some time and they may resides on your drives and take potential control on your pc it is hidden file check if its there

Go to Folder option >> click on view tab >> click on “show hidden files and content” and uncheck “Hide protected operating system files” don’t delete any files like system volume information or recycle which is used by operating system but other than that if u find any autorus.inf or any such .reg or any such then you are pc is infected
if the folder option is not working and the option of hiding is not working then your pc is infected

So this way u can check if your Personal Computer is infected by any virus.

If your pc is infected then just simply update your antivirus but use the best antivirus to be protected. I have posted on the topic of best antivirus of 2008 check for that
or if your virus is removed but restriction and other changes is not repaired yet
or you want to remove virus by manually then wait for my new post on “how to remove virus FROM PC“.

2 Responses to “Virus is infected but not detected…”

  • arunraj r nair

    right click on particular drive and select explorer option now it will open
    unhide the drive and delete autorun.inf file from every drive

  • Mine virus is removed by avg but on double click the drive open “open with” dialog option box.
    Mine drive is not opening plz help

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