Why Dancing with the Stars is so Popular

With so many shows on television anymore, it is amazing at times, how some of the simplest shows can actually capture the imagination and attention of the audience.  In order to actually enjoy the show it is very important that you realize that no the winners of the show do not receive money.  They do not receive a dancing contract like singers on American Idol receive a singing contract.  To really enjoy the show you need to understand they are not receiving anything more than a title, and a cute little trophy that really does not mean that much to them.  Of course, they are paid for being on the show while they are there, but in terms of Hollywood, it is not enough pay to really make the stars stick around for a long time.

The main reason why many of the stars stick around is nothing more than pure competitive nature.  Being in the competition simply means that each star is teamed up with a professional dancer and must dance their hearts out each week for the right to stay.  Being kicked off early is a disaster and could easily result in the star looking foolish against their peers.  This makes it a desire for the stars to perform their very best in order to avoid getting kick out.

Some of the other reasons why the show is so incredibly popular range from simple things like incredible dancing styles, to even just wondering what each contestant is going to actually wear.  Trying to decide which part is the most interesting to you is not always easy to pinpoint but if you spend a few minutes watching the show you are quite likely to find something that you are interested in watching.  If you enjoy watching people being criticized then this is also the show for you, what Simon Cowell does for American Idol there are three different judges on Dancing with the Stars, this gives plenty of opportunity to hear criticism, unique comments and even an occasional praise when a pair of contestants do well.

With contestants competing against each other and relying heavily upon the votes of viewers, it is possible to vote for your own favorite celebrity and professional pair to hang around.  Regardless of the exact reason why you like the show, it is really easy to see at first glance just why it is so much fun to watch.  From the thrilling dance scenes, to the amazing costumes, and even the comments of the judge, competitive nature abounds and this makes the perfect opportunity to show off just how competitive each of these contestants really are.  By making their own mark on the Dancing with the Stars show, they are adding a small piece of themselves, and since most of the stars on the show are not as successful as previously, it makes a great way to get back into the public spotlight.

Just realize if you decide to watch a single episode that you might become deeply attached to the show.  There is so much excitement and it is quite contagious.  If you are simply looking for something that could be a bit of fun to watch occasionally then this is certainly not it, you will find that rather quickly you are drawn to watching every episode and ensuring that you have ample time to vote for the contestant that you feel strongest about.  Struggling to find time to actually watch the show could quickly become your biggest problem!

If you are ever channel surfing and looking for the next greatest show to watch spending a few minutes watching Dancing with the Stars is some time very well spent.  There is no reason at all why you should ever look for anything else, after all with a season full of drama, excitement, amazing dancing and so much more the American version of Dancing with the Stars has it all.

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