AT&T Cell Phones – Among the Top

There are so many cell phone providers or carriers all over the globe, depending on the place you live in. it is therefore quite confusing to choose the right provider or carrier. This is a difficult task that you have to overcome so that you will only get the best service offered in the market. If you want a reputable and recognized cell phone provider/carrier, why not try AT&T cell phones?

AT&T is a well-known company around the world. Its name stands out above the rest. However, before you purchase any AT&T cell phone, you have to make sure that you live in an area covered by the company. You can only enjoy using your AT&T cell phones within Boston, Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, and New Orleans. If you’re located outside these urban areas, you will have a problem in finding a signal due to poor coverage. You have another option if you live outside the areas mentioned and that is the use of analog services because it is available all over the US.

The lowest plan that AT&T offers is $39.99 a month. By choosing this plan, you can enjoy 450 minutes during the day and at night or during weekends, unlimited minutes. Many of the AT&T cell phone users like the features offered by the provider especially the Teleconcierge or AT&T connect. Numbers listed in the entire US are easily found through the operators. The operators can even make reservations on your behalf, get movie times locally, or call back for dinner reservations. You can even receive weather reports, event listings, stock quotes, or daily horoscopes.

If you don’t want to avail of the monthly plans, you can go for the prepaid plans. Ask about AT&T’s ‘Go Phone’. It is a prepaid service that lets you enjoy unlimited night/weekend minutes with absolutely no contracts, credit checks, deposit, or activation fee. You can also inquire about the Wireless Solutions offered by AT&T. ‘Go Phone’ lets you enjoy unlimited prime minutes, lower prices per minute, wider cell phone choices, ring tones, and payment options. Aside from these things, the rates for international dialing are also much lower.

Presently, AT&T offers another service, the digital phone GSM/GPRS. It can provide users with an internet connection (56 kb per second) for the lap top hooked to GSM phone lines or GSM plug. Since this is an advanced service, the rates are much higher. This is available on monthly plans.

If you want to find out more about AT&T cell phone services, you can either call them or access the internet. There are numerous plans available to suit each individual’s needs. The payment options are also versatile. AT&T users can also enjoy the GSM and TDMA technology. Because of these things, AT&T is among the top cell phone providers/carriers especially in the US.

Do you want to purchase AT&T cell phones? Find out more about them now. The best way is to access the internet so that you can view all their plans, be it monthly or prepaid. If you seldom use your cell phone, avail of the prepaid service but for the busy individuals you have to go for the monthly plans. Anyway, you have to pick the one that suits your cell phone needs. Find the cell phone of your dreams with AT&T.

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