iPhone 3G Price In India

iPhone 3G Price In India – What is Vodafone Charge and Airtel Charge for iPhone 3G in India?

Today iPhone 3G is rolled out in 21 countries including Japan, New Zealand, Hong Kong, etc. 1000s of Vodafone and Airtel Customers are madly waiting for the launch of iPhone 3G in India. When this will happen? The 3G Network feature is yet to be introduced in India. Or will iPhone minimized with in 2G network with in India?

A lot of controversy is going on what would be Vodafone and Airtel charge for 8GB iPhone 3G in India. Experts say iPhone 3G in India will cost around Rs. 16,000 or Rs. 18,000 . Even though this figure is not a accurate price, its going to be some what close to Rupees 18,000

Well, at present there are cell phones that cost more than 20,000 rupees. Another concern is what would Vodafone and Airtel charge for Data Package which will used in iPhone 3G.

So what is iPhone 3G Price in India? When iPhone 3G will launch in India? Where can I get iPhone 3G in India?

I recommend to read this article that almost answer above questions. Apple iPhone3G India Providers

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