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Apple launching their Apple iPhone3G on July 11 on these countries. Australia, Austria, Belgium (French, Belgium (Dutch), Canada (English), Canada (French), Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland (French), Switzerland (German) and UK

Apple iPhone3G India launching date is not yet announced. It could be in September or October. Apple iPhone3G will be provided by Vodafone India and Airtel. Early June, both Vodafone India and Airtel had started Apple iPhone booking process through their website and SMS service. 1000s of Apple iPhone3G phones have been booked by Vodafone India and Airtel subscribers.

How to get ready to buy Apple iPhone3G in India?
If you are planning to sync Music and Videos to iPhone3G, you should have a latest version of iTunes software which is Free. You should start building the Music and Video Library so that you can easily sync all your Music and Video files to iPhone without any trouble.

iPhone uses iTunes to sync photos from iPhoto on a Mac, or any picture folder on a PC. You should also have an account in iTunes. Also iTunes syncs settings from email accounts stored on Mail on Outlook on a PC.

iPhone syncs your contacts and calendars from iCal, Entourage, and Address Book on the Mac, or Outlook and Outlook Express on a Personal Computer. iPhone also syncs contacts from Yahoo! Mail Address Book and Google Contacts on the web. So get ready with these sources.

Where to buy Apple iPhone in India?
iPhone will be available at Vodafone and Airtel locations across India. Which means there’s probably one near you.

iphone vodafone priceIf you are Vodafone India Customer, you can follow this link to find a nearest Vodafone Store to buy Apple iPhone. If you haven’t booked one in advance, you can pre-register one by going this link. Once you have pre-registered, you will be updated on latest news on Apple India iPhone 3G. Every feature in Apple iPhone may not be supported by Vodafone India networks. So you should be aware of what features would work.

iphone airtel priceIf you are Airtel India Customer, follow this link to Airtel India’s dedicated webpage of Apple iPhone India. Click on the link ‘Book Your iPhone’ and you will have to fill your Name, Email, Phone and City. Enter correct and valid information so that you won’t miss news on Apple iPhone India from Airtel. You can also find nearest Airtel India store by following this link.

How much Apple iPhone 3G will cost in India?
It is not clear what would be the Apple iPhone Price in India. Since Vodafone India and Airtel are selling 8GB iPhone, the price can be between Rs. 18,000 and Rs. 22,000 , You may have to carry a Credit Card to purchase the Apple iPhone in India and also a valid ID Proof document.

Where can I find more Apple iPhone India information?
Here is the Apple India’s Dedicated Webpage on Apple iPhone India. Click here for a guided tour on iPhone. If you want know all detail on Apple iPhone features follow this link. Click here to find more information on syncing your iPhone. Also visit Apple Asia’s Online Support Page.

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10 Responses to “Apple iPhone3G India Providers”

  • ghulam ibrahim

    May i know wat’s aplle iphone 3g 8gb phone model, price in india.

  • Hi Friends,

    I want to sell a new box piece of iphone 3GS(32GB)which cost of Rs 38000(negotiable).

    u can reach me at 9866373890 or sms me and I am frm Hyderabad.

  • You people are absolutly right for also and you will be dissapointed when you will buy this phone so please think before you go for this phone there are alot of phones available in this price range and lot better than this one so———

  • phone is rocking …
    but its so expensive…

  • @Nilesh K: I agree with you. Compare to the data plan with other countries, I don’t think this price by Vodafone is too much expensive.

  • Hello fellow Desi’s. I’m from the UK, and trust me 36100 rupees is cheap! Why? I hear you say. Because your monthly contracts are much lower than say here in the UK or the US. The reason we get the phones cheaper is our Network providers subsidise the cost of the phone (pay for 60%ish on our behalf).

    Why would they do this? so they can tie us down on 2 year contracts for a minimum of 3400Rs per month. Do the Math (3400x 24 = 81600Rs + $200)

    I much rather pay 36100Rs upfront, and have a cheaper contract (plus 12month rather than 24 month) I’m coming to India this september and will definately buy one to take back with me!

  • Just got a mail from Vodafone that 8gb costs 31,000 and 16gb costs 36,100 and available on 22nd august..Vodafone asks the customers to book iphone by paying an advance of 10,000 in vodafone store and take an appontment..the remaining amount should be paid on the appointment date..Whom the hell is they are thinking apple and vodafone..???? the same mdel and piece is released with 199US $ and now came to india it was 750 US$ .what they are thinking indians as fools???

  • Anil Kumar Porwal


  • iphone3g in any any county is not more than 199$ na then why u r selling for more pcice. the marked price is not more than 199$

  • such a nice crazy about htis phone..

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