How to Speed Up Boot up in Digital Cameras

Most Digital Cameras are enabled with a start-up screen that will pop up when you turn on the camera. For a quicker boot up, you can disable the start up screen in your camera.

This will also cut down on the time you will have to wait before you can shoot a picture. This is mostly helpful if you have less battery charge in your camera and you want to take a quick shot. Some time this start up screen can be very annoying that you may miss a chance to take a quick photo.

Most Company flash the Company Logo at this start up screen. Every camera will not allow you to disable the flash screen, but most do. You can find the option to turn off start up screen under general settings in the main menu.

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  • I will definitely use this option when I buy my new digital camera. I will also look whether the feature is available when I buy my new digital camera.
    Thank you for this information.
    with best wishes
    Llewellyn Harris.

  • I’ll use this tip when I buy a new digital camera

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