Where to Find Girlfriend in Bangalore – Top Ten Spots

Bangalore is a migrant friendly city. 1000s of migrants from every part of India is coming to Bangalore. It is not a hard job to find a girlfriend in Bangalore. Here are top ten spots where you can find a girlfriend in Bangalore.

Majestic – City Center: Great spot where 1000s of people gather every day. City Bus Stand is located in this area. Also City Main Railway Station and Metro Station is located in this area. This area has couple of major shopping complex too. Hanging out in this area can surely bring some good luck. People come here for Shopping, sight seeing, traveling etc.

MG Road / Brigade Road: If you are looking for a stylish and rich class girlfriend, this is the ideal spot. Specially visiting on this spot on weekend is worth. Walking on MG Road / Brigade Foot path itself is a great pleasure as you will find many good looking girls.

Commercial Street Road: This is another enchanting spot to try. Lots of beautiful girls hangout in this area for shopping, window shopping, dining etc. You will also find many girls behind commercial street road. Why not try your luck on this spot?

Lalbagh: As you know this is wide botanical garden in Bangalore, there is a huge chance to find a girl friend in this spot. Spend 2 hours in Lalbagh and you will land in talking to some lonely girls. Specially roam around in area of garden and private spots. You will notice girls sitting alone and spending alone. Saying Hello and starting a conversation with such girls can surely help you to begin a great friendship.

Cubbon Park: This is another great spot to find girlfriends in Bangalore. Many college students roam around in this park. This is a great cool park to relax. So you are likely to find girls who come there for relax and refresh themselves. Walk around in the park and you will surely find some good girls.

Shopping Malls: Bangalore has huge number of malls. Some of the malls like Forum, Garuda Mall, Phenix Market City are very spacious and great fun spot. You will notice many girls roam around in this shopping malls. Specially if you visit on weekends, you will find many girls.

Restaurants: This is another great spot. Bangalore has many hangout restaurants. Many girls like spots such as CCD – Cafe Coffe Day etc. Try your luck on some restaurants. You will get a opportunity to share table, start a conversation etc.

College / University Areas: Many girls stay in College / University Areas it self as many PGs and Hostels are situated nearby places. This is a great spots find girlfriends. They access college, nearby super markets, shops for their daily needs. Its very ideal to show yourself in such spot and you are surely going to find someone.

Public Parks / Gardens: Bangalore has many clean Public Parks and Gardens. Many girls come in such spots to take rest, relax and read books. Going such spots and indulging yourself in such activities can create impression which can attract some girls towards you.

Pubs / Party Events: Many girls come in Bangalore Pubs and Party Events. Because they want showcase themselves and new people. You have a great opportunity in such spots. You can offer food / drink and create an opportunity to start a conversation which can take latter to some extended level.

Please note while you try your luck on these spots to find a girlfriend in Bangalore, please make sure you follow below tips to make a decent and long lasting friendship with girls in Bangalore:

  1. Be a decent person
  2. Respect Girls
  3. Do not mis behave
  4. Have geniune affection
  5. Proper physical expression





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