Discover Who Will Have The Best Antivirus Software 2014

Who Will Have The Best Antivirus Software 2014

Software companies are already writing their new antivirus programs for 2014, but who is going to create the best antivirus software 2014 offers? Antivirus programs continue to grow in complexity to meet the challenges presented by creative virus and malware writers. This complexity can lead to programs that slow down computers. The best antivirus programs must balance the impact they place on your computer with providing the greatest level of protection possible. Let us take a few minutes to review a few of the companies who will be leaders in 2014.

Microsoft’s Security Essentials is a strong candidate for computers running Microsoft Windows. The program is available for computers running Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. The advantage to this program is Microsoft’s ability to integrate the product tightly with Windows and the Windows update system. Security Essentials requires less system resources than many of the top commercial programs, but is not quite as robust as a few of the top competitors.

Symantec’s Norton 360 product is one of the most powerful antivirus programs on the market today and will be a top competitor in 2014. The 360 product is not only an antivirus program. It is a complete security system including antivirus, firewall, parental controls, and internet filters. It provides top quality security but at a steep drain on system resources. The Norton 360 is one of the most intensive programs on CPU and memory usage. It is an excellent choice for people with newer computers with fast processors and plenty of memory.

AVG continues to be a leader in antivirus software. Their success is based largely on their free antivirus program offer that leads to clients buying their advance Antivirus and Internet security products. AVG software ranks higher than Microsoft’s Security Essentials in effective antivirus protection, but slightly lower than Norton 360 and we expect that fact to remain true in the 2014 versions. AVG focuses on providing great protection but with lower system requirements than the Norton products making it ideal for older computers.

Another top choice is Titanium Internet Security from Trend Micro. This product rivals Norton 360 in complete coverage but with a slightly smaller drain on system resources. The product includes antivirus and firewall protection. Trend Micro makes their Titanium system available for both Windows and Apple systems. Trend Micro offers bundles perfect for families with multiple computers. They offer aggressive pricing that paired with their top quality protection makes them a great choice for many families.

Avast Software is our last candidate for 2014. Avast remains a leader due to their free antivirus software. More people download the free version of Avast than AVG. Avast offers upgrades to a more robust antivirus program and their complete internet security suite. The internet security suite rivals Norton 360 and Trend Micro’s Titanium in capability but with lower system resource requirements. This is one company you want to watch closely in 2014.

Which of these companies will create the best antivirus software 2014 sees? Our guess is Symantec will continue to lead with the highest levels of protection but with a major drain on system resources. Microsoft’s Security Essentials will be the best product for people requiring a free program. Their ability to integrate the security system deeply into Windows is a distinct advantage. Trend Micro Titanium will remain a great choice for people requiring high levels of protection. We expect Avast to continue to be a favorite due to their free offer. Their product is a solid contender that you should consider using for your home computer.

Overall, we expect to see AVG to win as the overall race for best antivirus software 2014. Their balance of great protection with lower system requirements makes them a consistent leader year after year. The option to start with a free version and upgrade to their advance product makes them ideal for any family. We give AVG a slight advantage over the Avast suite due to an easier to use interface and excellent customer support. Microsoft’s Security Essentials takes a solid third place due to ease of installation and ease of use. The battle for dominance in the antivirus circles will continue to be tough, but that just leads to better products for us.

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