Cyclone Phailin Updates News Photos

Brief information: Cyclone Phailin is forecast to strongly hit the coastal areas between Kalingapatnam in Andhra Pradesh state and Paradip in Odisha state in India sooner on Saturday with a maximum wind speed of 220 km per hour (135mph), the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) said in its latest weather forecast update.

This cyclone is going to be pretty voluminous, it’s not half the size of the country and its radius may keep increasing and decreasing. India is preparing for a massive cyclone attack, which is now sweeping through the Bay of Bengal towards the east coast of India.

Indian Meteorologists say that the storm is not only intense but covers a wide area of these two states.

Very Severe Cyclonic Storm Phailin is a dominant humid cyclone currently threatening the east coast of India. Originating from an area of low pressure over the Andaman Sea in earlier October 2013, Phailin slowly combined into a depression on October eighcyclone_phailin_india_news-Updatet. The depression gained further momentum and then procured gale-force winds on October 9 and was designated as Cyclonic Storm Phailin, starting to become the second wind of the season. Phailin will now be forecasted to intensify furthermore in the next two days, and make landfall over north Andhra Pradesh and Odisha coasts at peak power. IMD says that it would hit India’s East Coast at around 5:30 pm of October 12

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