6 Mistakes To Not Make As A Parent

It is not easy to be a parent. However, there is a lot of information out there about how to do a better job with parenting, but this article outlines 10 different mistakes you should not make. Keep reading to find out if you are doing any of them!

1. Avoid making your dreams your child’s dreams. Perhaps you always dreamed of being a famous singer, so you put your daughter in dance and voice classes. If your child seems miserable, don’t force them to continue. You may have wanted something for your life, but your child is not you. Let them follow their own passions and dreams instead of trying to make them fit the mold you wish you would have been able to fit.

2. Never tease your child or tell them that they are not a good person. Many people tease their children, thinking it’s all in fun, but those things linger. Your child will always remember if you called them fat or lazy or stupid. That can be damaging, and if you are honest and look back at your own childhood, you will realize that you remember times your parents said something that you still carry with you.

3. Do you avoid spending a lot of time with your child? Whatever the reason is, your job or whatever excuse you tell yourself, you need to know that your children need your time. They don’t need the babysitter, they need you. If you are not spending adequate time with your children, you are doing them a real disservice.

4. Don’t tell your child’s secrets. This can break their trust in you. Don’t go behind their back and share things they have asked you to keep to yourself. You may think it’s not such a big deal, but you are teaching your child not to trust you.

5. Do you avoid apologizing for your mistakes? You are not always perfect, and pretending that you are in front of your kids will only confuse them and make them want to be perfect, becoming disappointed when they cannot. Admit your mistakes when you make them. That way, your children will learn that it is ok to make mistakes as long as you say you’re sorry and work on finding a positive solution.

6. Stop comparing your kid to other kids. This is something a lot of parents do. You may think it’s natural, but the truth is that your child starts to compete with other kids too, wanting to fit in and wanting to get your approval by being more like someone else. When you compare your kid to others, your child feels that there is something wrong with them. Realize that your child is an individual with feelings and their own set of positive qualities that anyone would want to have.

If you discover you are doing something on this list, you must try to stop. It’s important to know when you’ve been wrong, and you can always improve, especially when you are aware that you are making mistakes.

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