First impression is the Last impression

Imagine a new professor in your college or Boss in the office comes for the first time and has very dull expressions with no interest in teaching or doing the job……

You will surely think that he/she is of no use and is not capable to teach or guide you in the job that you are performing. No matter how intelligent he/she might be, no matter what all degrees he/she might have, his achievements, ranks, grades, etc. All these wont matter after the first impression.

Now did you understand how important your first impression is for your entire feedback or review from other person. Your degrees, ranks, experience, etc. doesn’t matter if your first impression was not a impact on others. If you know how to portray yourself in front of others then you are the person needed in today’s business world even if you have less degree or experience then others.

Presentation has become a very important criteria for a person to get selected for a course or even for a job. The person who has done C.A might loose out to a person who has done just his graduation in Management Studies because of the fact that the person who has done BMS knows how to portray or present himself in front of others while that may not be done by the person with enough knowledge of C.A.

Remember that the “Product is only purchased if the PACKET is good” and hence have a great impression at the first time to get an advantage over others.

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  • it is a very good article you written i agree with it

  • its so good,but it should be improved

  • umesh prasad singh

    first impression is the last impression connotes literary investigative theory of academic excellence and pursuits of knowledge which results to awards and also fructifies purports of humanistic tendencies in intrinsic flame of ideas. this is an of phenomenon which happens in the shortest period of time. it also combines meditative knowledge of a person by which that particular individualinspire others.the entire aspect is phenomenal and inspirational soaked in divinity .moreover this denotes experiential knowledge of natural leadership traits empowered by supreme at the universalistic plane.

  • A Person Who need Help

    thank you so much.
    i just need this information for my debates.

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