How are People Hacking my Facebook Online

Facebook social networking website users are getting more vulnerable to hacking attack because of Facebook’s high growing rate of popularity. Here we give you an in-depth detail of different ways how people hack into your Facebook account.

  1. Weak Password: In most cases people hack your Facebook account because of a weak password. A weak password might be same as your name, easily guessable words, your phone number or repeated characters and repeated numbers.

 Solution: Always use a strong password. A strong password is a combination of Small letters, Block Letters, Numbers and Characters like !@#$%&*(). For example a strong password should look like this: P@s$w0rD. Use minimum 8 characters. If it is difficult to memorize, note it down on a safe place.

  1. Common Password: A common password is simply a gateway for hackers. If you use password like admin123, jesus, iloveyou etc, there are high chance of getting your Facebook account hacked. Facebook hackers often use illegal software which contain the list of many common passwords. Software like password bank has a list of 65,000 common passwords. Facebook hackers use these type of software to hack your account and when a matching password is found, it shows up and hacker take control of your account.

Solution: Avoid common password. Never use the same password your have used for email or for any other account. Always use a unique password only for Facebook account.

  1. Usual Email Address: Using your personal email ID is another reason how it helps a Facebook Hacker. Hackers can misuse your email ID to reset the password or to change the email ID on your account. Usually you login to a Facebook account with a Email ID which you use for daily email communication. Someone known to you or a person who visit your Facebook profile can gather that email ID for hacking purpose.

Solution: Never use the same email ID you use for normal email communication. Always use a unique email address which you have not shared with your friends. Also hide your email ID by Editing your Profile Information – choosing the option “Only Me”

  1. Non-Secured Browsing: Almost 90% of the Facebook users always use the Facebook on a non-secured environment. While you browse Facebook on non-Secured mode, your data and identity can be stolen by unauthorized browser addons or applications. Whatever you enter on Facebook will not be encrypted and there is a high chances of identity theft.

Solution: Always use the secured browsing mode – https. You can enable it by going Account Security > Security > Secure Browsing > Edit > Check the Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) when possible and click on Save Changes button.

  1. Facebook Applications: There are 1000s of Applications which you can use in Facebook. Some of these applications are NOT found in the official directory of Facebook. When you click on a Applications, some time without your knowledge it access your data and helps the hacker to gather information for hacking purpose. An application can steal your Email ID, Personal Information, Friends detail etc.

Solution: Never install unfamiliar applications. Only use the applications which are found in Facebook’s application directory. Check the details collected by Application while it ask your permission. Do not give permission to access your personal detail or any other vital information. In summary stay away from 3rd party Facebook Applications and Games.

  1. Using Public Computers: A Public computer is a place where hackers get full control of a Facebook account. A Hacker can install software like Keyloggers which records every screen shots and many other details. Sometime these types of Software are hard to detect on a Public computer. A Public computer may not use a valid anti-virus software and vulnerable to virus attack to steal user’s identity data.

Solutions: Avoid using a Public Computer if possible. In case if you have to use a public computer, make sure that you enter password using the onscreen keyword. When you finish browsing, make sure that you log out properly, close the browser and clear all cache. It is recommended that when you get access to your personal computer after using a public PC, change the password.

  1. Adding Strange Friends: An average Facebook users have 30 friends. Based on your friends list, Facebook often gives you suggestion of new friends. Adding a strange friend can really harm some time. This is like giving direct account access to a Facebook hacker. In a friend role, Facebook hacker can learn more about you, communicate with you or look at your Facebook updates to gather information that is going to help him hack your account.

Solution: Always avoid adding a strange friends. If you see some mutual friends, ask them about the friend request you have received and if they tell you that they know him/her personally, you can add. Never respond to a message you get from strange Facebook Ids.

  1. Using Common Security Information: Some time using the same security questions and answers you have used on the other website can cause your Facebook account getting hacked. A hacker can try those common information to get control on your account. Usual common security information are Birth Dates, Phone numbers, Family Information, Billing Address, Regular Email Id, Security Questions and Answers.

Solution: Always use unique information for Facebook account. Never use the same security information you have used on other websites.

  1. Using Non-Secured Email: One of the common reason why are people hacking your Facebook account is they get access to your email account. Facebook hackers often use the email address to reset the password or to change the email address. Once they get access to your Email account, it is easy for them to take control of your Facebook.

Solution: Use secret Email id for Facebook login. Keep a strong password for that Email account. Change the password of your email account very often. Set a alternative email account for password reset of your email account.

  1. Sharing Sensitive information: Facebook hackers can use information you share on the Facebook to hack your account. For example you may tell, my pet name is Tom or my favorite movie is Titanic or My Birth date is 01-01-150 etc. Facebook hackers can use these types of information for password reset purposes.

Solution: Never share sensitive information on Facebook wall, Facebook Message or on other friend’s post. Never share your security information with anyone claiming that they are from Facebook company. Facebook will never ask you such information by email or by phone.

That’s 10 important facts you need to know and if you take care of these matters, you can play safe with the Facebook and never get a chance to ask that question again how are people hacking my Facebook.

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  • i want everything private from the outside i want my name private were no 1 can find me.. i want my time line covered up.. i basiclly see on some peoples stuff that there is a lock that looks like a lock and badge if your not friends with them.. So could you please instruct me on how to get my friend list and everything secure i would like that badge or lock on everything and i dont want people finding me i want to find them…

    thank you
    kev mccarty

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