How to Prevent Lower Back Pain When Sleeping?

Do you often suffer from back pain when sleeping? You should make a few changes to prevent these pains from appearing. Keep reading to learn more about how you can prevent back pain.

Sleeping Posture: You can prevent back pain by getting in shape and improving your sleeping posture. It will be easier to keep a good posture once you reach a healthy weight and develop your back muscles. If you have some extra pounds in your midsection, you should focus on losing some weight.

Exercise: Adopt a better diet and exercise more regularly. You should have three balanced meals a day, not eat more than you need to and drink plenty of water instead of sugary beverages. Find a good cardio workout to burn some fat: you could run, swim or ride a bike. You also need to work on developing your back muscles, for instance by doing some abs and pushups.

Daily Activity: Make an effort to improve your sleeping posture. While not sleeping, stand straight and try sitting with your back at a 110 degree angle from your legs. Avoid sitting on your couch: find a comfortable chair that properly supports your back. If you have to sit at a desk at work, see if you can get a better chair and take frequent breaks to walk and stretch. If you need help with your posture, meet with your doctor.

Prevent Lower Back Pain When SleepingBack Support: Your back pains and bad posture could be caused by scoliosis or a similar condition. You can treat scoliosis by exercising lightly and wearing back support. Since you spend a good amount of time in other activities, it is important how you keep your posture during day time which will help you to prevent back pain when sleeping.

Quality Mattress: You can reduce back pain by purchasing a quality mattress. If you have been sleeping in the same bed for years, it is probably time to purchase a new one. A new mattress should make a difference but consider purchasing an orthopedic mattress. Even though these mattresses are expensive, they will really make a difference for your back pain.

Health Insurance Policy: If you have a good health insurance policy, you should contact your insurance agent and ask if your insurance would cover that kind of expenses. If your doctor recommended you get one of these mattresses, your insurance should cover at least a part of your new mattress.

Manage Stress: When you come to bed, its a time to relax your body and mind. Learn to manage your stress and avoid putting more strain on your back than necessary. There are probably certain day time activities that cause your back to hurt, such as yard work, cleaning your house or lifting heavy things. Get someone to help you with these things and consider finding a different job if your job requires you to do some kind of physical work.

Relax Back: You also need to find some new activities that help you relax and strengthen your back: join a yoga or a tai chi class to lower your stress levels, stretch and get some exercise. If you need help with making your pain go away, schedule an appointment with a chiropractor or an acupuncturist. These actions will surely help you to prevent lower back pain when sleeping.

Apply these tips and try different things until you find a solution that works for your lower back pain when sleeping. Do your best to build your back muscles and take good care of your back by avoiding activities that could strain it.

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