Apple iPhone 5 Price in India and Features

Possible Apple iPhone 5 Features reported in various technology sources.

Screen Size: The new iPhone 5 have a sharper and bigger screen. Several reports claims that it is HD 4.6 inch retina display. With the four inch screen size, this will be the most significant iPhone upgrade which gives a sleek look. This will be the main reason why many people would want to upgrade to new iPhone 5 from the older versions. Since the usage of Tablet is being popular, a smart phone with a bigger screen will surely increase the popularity of new iPhone.

Processor: The speed matters. The new iPhone 5 may come with the same dual-core A5x processor which is found in the newest version of iPad. Some report also says the new version of iPhone may come with a Quad Core A6 processor. This time iPhone 5 may come with 1GB of memory which is to increase the speed of multitasking. Apple is definitely going to improve in processor speed and memory to compete with all its rivals.

Software: According to many reports, the new iPhone 5 will be released with iOS 6 update. This will add many features to the newest version of Apple iPone 5. If new iPhone is introduced with the latest version of iOS, its added features are going to be a attractive points for many apple users to upgrade.

Camera: As usual there will be improvement in iPhone 5 camera. It is likely to be a 12 MP Camera which is going to help to take more quality pictures. Apple is expected to upgrade from a 8 megapixel in iPhone 4S to 12 megapixel. If iPhone 5 comes with the retina display, the photo taking experience with the iPhone 5 would be enjoyable.

Siri Update: The new OS in iPhone 5 will bring updates to Siri, Apple’s voice-controlled personal assistant software which made its debut last year with the launch of iPhone 4S model.  Apple is likely to make improvements in the way Siri analysis connotation and meaning. Apple’s improved voice recognition system will be functional by simply shaking the iPhone and website search, navigation and social media sharing will all be also possible through a simple voice command. Siri may come with more language support.

4G LTE: Like the new iPad, the next-gen iPhone 5 will probably get the high-speed network 4G LTE. LTE is a new technology that promises higher download and upload speeds compared to 3G technologies. Apple’s new iPad’s high-end model was capable of operating on a high-speed 4G LTE network, at speeds roughly 10 times faster than the current 3G network speed.

Battery Backup: Since the expected size of new iPhone 5 is bigger than the old version, one can expect a bigger battery to in the newest version of Apple iPhone which means more standby time and more talk time.

With all these new features, when Apple iPhone 5 is introduced to India, how much would be the Apple iPhone 5 Price in India. Unlike any other smart phones, Apple iPhone Price in India has been always a huge price and in the beginning its not affordable to everyone. Whenever a new version comes, we have noticed Apple slashing the price of older versions of iPhone.  Now in Indian market, iPhone 3GS is available for around Rs.20,000.

If all the above features are going to be bundled with the new version of iPhone, it may take 6 to 12 months for iPhone 5 to take a entry to Indian market. We guess the price would come between Rs.40,000 to Rs.50,000

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