How to Properly Treat a Sunburn at Home

Quick Ways to Properly Treat a Sunburn

The sun is one reason that we’re able to exist on this planet, and it is responsible for allowing other forms of life to exist too. However, the sun is also an extremely dangerous body of burning gas, causing burns and even cancer in millions of people. Sunburns can happen quickly and they can be painful, so make sure to use these remedies to treat your injuries.

You can get a sunburn from being outside in any temperature for around 15 or 20 minutes. Yes, it can really happen that quickly. One way to deal with the burn is to immediately cool the skin to relieve the pain associated with the burn. You can start by sitting down in a bath of cool water after you realize you’ve gotten burned by the sun.

Baking soda is definitely an amazing thing. If people a hundred years ago only thought to sell this instead of their snake oil, those suffering from ailments might have been able to find some relief. It works on a sunburn by soothing the skin. Just mix up about 2 parts baking soda per 1 part water, until you have a loose paste, and rub it on the burned areas of your body.

Aloe is something of a cure-all for minor skin irritations, and even for a vicious sunburn. The best part about using aloe gel isn’t only that you will soothe the initial burn, but you will also help to prevent your skin from blistering and cracking.

Even milder body washes have substances in them that can and will burn the dickens out of you if you have sunburn! Stay away from those body washes, and instead go with a simpler remedy to soothe the pain. Using a body wash may only make your situation worse.

Blisters are a nasty side effect of having a harsh sunburn. Luckily they do go away in only a day or two, but you should never try to speed this process up by popping them. If you’re leaving them alone, they’re going to go away like nothing ever happened. If you’re popping them, you’re risking infection and even scarring.

When you do get blisters from a sunburn, try to avoid the same type of treatments you would use for a regular sun-damaged area. Instead, wrap your blisters with sterile bandages, or at least put a piece of clean, loose fabric over the blisters, making sure not to puncture them. The injury might not seem serious, but sun blisters are bad news.

The pain from sunburn can be very difficult to deal with. When you you don’t realize how bad a sunburn is and then take a hot shower or use some moisturizer or after shave containing alcohol, the pain could last for hours. If this happens to you, pop a few ibuprofen, and you should be fine in a little while.

Most people are going to have to deal with sunburn at some point in their lives. Use the tips you have read above to help soothe a sunburn if it happens.

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