Best Way to Get rid of Acne at Home Naturally

Best Way to Get rid of Acne at Home Naturally:

Do you need some help to improve your complexion? Read this article to learn how you could get rid of your acne for good.

Try improving your hygiene. You should wash your face twice a day: select an unscented soap with a neutral PH and pat your face dry with a clean towel. Keep your hair clean and wash your clothes, towels, bed linens and pillow cases as often as possible. If you can, use a clean pillow case every night so you do not sleep on a pillow case that retains oil from your face. Some of your acne might be caused by a bacteria: improving your hygiene is the best way to stop this bacteria from spreading.

Avoid products that irritate your skin and make it dry. This might include the topical creams you have been using to get rid of your acne: read the labels of these products and you will see that these creams are filled with harsh chemicals that are probably making your skin very dry. To compensate, your skin has to produce more oil than usual, which causes acne to appear. Avoid using makeup and hair products that could irritate your skin and clog your pores and choose soft soaps and quality laundry detergents.

Keep your pores clean to prevent infections and blackheads from appearing. You will have to exfoliate your skin regularly: use sugar or a topical cream. Get your skin wet, apply some cream or some sugar and gently rub your skin in circular motions. Focus on the areas where you get the most clogged pores. You could also use some honey to create a thin mask or mix some milk and unflavored gelatin, bring it to a boil and apply on your skin. Peel off these masks slowly and what is clogging your pores will come off with your mask.

There are some unhealthy habits you need to get rid of. Your diet can influence your complexion: do not eat foods that contain high amounts of fat, sugar or preservatives. Instead, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables so your skin gets all the vitamins it needs to develop a healthy glow. You should also stay away from toxins that will clog your pores and cause acne: do not drink coffee, alcohol or energy drinks. If you are a smoker, quit as soon as you can and avoid exposure to cigarette smoke.

Avoid touching your face as much as possible so that bacteria do not spread. Do not touch your face with your hands and avoid wearing hat, scarves or items of clothing that could cover a part of your face. Style your hair so it does not touch your face and keep your hair clean. If you get your face dirty, wash it as soon as you can and do not try getting rid of your acne by pressing your pores with dirty fingers. This will only cause your acne to become more noticeable.

Use these tips to develop an efficient skin care regimen. Your acne should be greatly reduced once you apply these tips, but keep in mind that your hormones and stress level can be the cause of your unhealthy complexion

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