Cheapest Tablet PC Aakash Specs and Review

Cheapest Tablet PC Aakash Specs and Review Features

The Aakash Tablet is priced at a US Dollar $50, which is equivalent of Indian Currency approximately Rs. 2,250. Even so, for students the Aakash Tablet is priced very much cheaper at just Rs 1,500. So that would be USD $30 dollar cheapest tablet in Dollar value which is currently the cheapest price in the World.

The Aakash Tablet is the final result of an initiative by the Indian Government to make computing device very low-cost and acquirable to all Indian people, particularly to the young students of India.
A look at the core Features of Aakash Tablet

The fully loaded up Aakash Tablet has all the necessaries required in a computing device. It’s built up applying the latest technology and has a 7” resistive touch screen, with a image resolution of 800×400 pixel. Compare to many other expensive tablets, one of the best thing about Aakash Tablet is it has 2 USB ports.

The model currenly avaliable is Basic with Wi-Fi enabled. The advanced versions of Aakash Tablet will be launched at a later dates. Future Aakash Tablets are projected to support Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) and General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) features. They would be priced somewhat higher because of these additional features, but would still be extremely low-cost.

The Aakash Tablet has a sleek look in small and compact design and its external dimensions are 190.5×118.5×15.7mm. Aakash Tablet has very light weight of 350gms and movable and can easily accommodate in to small bag.

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