Love Marriage Versus Arranged Marriages

Arranged Marriages

This is true that in India especially, there is a lot of arrange marriages taking place. The main reason is to collect dowry from the brides family. The bridegrooms family is the main culprit, all they want to do is to get back what they have spent on educating their son, and the best way to obtain it is from the ladies family, but not in all cases does this happen.

In ancient times it was a privilege to give property, and gold ornaments to the bridegrooms family, so that they will take care of their wives properly, and give them a good life.

Gradually this has changed and the ladies family was forced to give large amounts of dowry.

These are some of the facts that have happened due to arranged marriages.

  1. Wives, killed due to insufficient dowry amount.
  2. Wives, burnt alive with kerosene.
  3. Wives, made to do all the kitchen work, and take care of all the members of the house-hold and are also mistreated due to insufficient dowry.
  4. Wives mistreated for not adhering to the husbands family rules especially happens in joint families.
  5. Wives sent back to their parent’s residence due to not giving birth to a male child.

There is a lot more articles that could be added to the ones given above, but I would like to keep it brief.

Important Points:

The Indian government has made a rule to abolish dowry from the Indian marriage act. Any one asking for dowry should be brought before the court.

This act is good on paper; does this play an important role in the real life of a lady who is going to get married?

The parents of the girl are looking for well placed professionals as bridegrooms within the same caste and also status to name a few doctors, lawyers, Engineers and Architects.

Do you think it is possible to get your daughter the selected Bridegroom with out giving dowry?

The genuine answer is no. Each category has a price tag attached to it. It is more like going to the market and doing your best to get the best quality of fruits at the right price.

Love Marriages:

Lets us change our focus to Love Marriages. Love marriages does not come without risks. A lady or a gent should know what are the good qualities of their future husband or wife?

Love is blind is just an excuse for the mistakes we make. Look before you leap is a very important point. When a lady or gent is ready to make commitments they should also take into consideration the family background and also the character of their future husband or wife. Expose yourselves for what you really are and not put on a show for your future husband or wife. Even in love marriages both the ladies family and the gent’s family should be kept well informed about the matters, so that at a later date the families will not be at each others throat, and at a later date object to the marriage taking place. Even if the marriage takes place it never lasts due to the influence of the husband’s parents or the wives parents.

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3 Responses to “Love Marriage Versus Arranged Marriages”

  • Dear Swetag,
    Why is it so important that parents want to get their children married fast? What do you want me to give the title as explain?
    with regs

  • There are some castes that do not follow the dowry system at all. THey still have arranged marriages. It is because parents want to get involved in getting their children married and fast. They are just interfering cause that what they have been taught by the soceity. Your article should be titled differently, like maybe, dowry in arrg. vs. love marriages.
    Coz, thats what ur talking bout.

  • Giving objective generalised opinions on a topic like this is tough, and mostly misplaced. There are pros and cons of both; most importantly because of the fact that a marriage is between two people as well as two families. The compatibility at both levels is important. In arranged marriages in India, the former is forgotten in a majority of cases, and in love marriages, the latter.

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