Fix Personal Hotspot Missing from iPhone 4

Is your personal Hotspot option in iPhone Network Setting missing / not showing / not visible / not working or not appearing ?

Here is a fix for that issue. It may happen all of sudden after a software update or after a SIM change or after a different network usage on roaming.

You do not have to restore your iPhone. All you have to do is this.

1. Go to Setting

2. Tap Carrier

3. Wait until it shows the list of available network Carriers

4. Once the list appear, tap the relevant Carrier you are using. A tick mark should appear next to Carrier you have tapped.

5. That’s it, now go back to settings and you should see the Personal Hotspot option. If not restart your iPhone.

Note: If you are still not seeing the Hotspot option, turn off ‘Facetime’ feature by going Settings > Phone and check again.

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