NASA BBC News Cosmo Rays From Mars

NASA BBC News Cosmo Rays From Mars 2011

The real truth about cosmo rays entering earth 2011

You may have received a SMS about this? Well it is a RUMOR!

However BBC has published a news on solving this Cosmic Rays Mystery:

Astronomers believe they may have identified the source of galactic cosmic rays, the highest-energy particles in the Universe. Source

This SMS was circulating since many months. Now it got more popularity due to the recent earthquake in Japan and upcoming Supermoon Activity!

What is Cosmic Rays? This is what NASA Says:

Particles that bombard the Earth from anywhere beyond its atmosphere are known as cosmic rays. Cosmic rays don’t take pretty pictures, but studying the quantity and type of these particles helps us to understand the acceleration processes involved and to measure the composition of the Sun, as well as sources at the far distant reaches of the galaxy. Read more about it

8 Responses to “NASA BBC News Cosmo Rays From Mars”

  • I wanna get to know all about this cosmic rays…

  • So is this cosmic rays hazardous to human health? Or its just rumors we are getting???

  • Allah Almighty is great,
    nobody should have to be worried
    about the happenings, what ever
    Happens, that should be from God
    Almighty, human being can not change
    It by any tricks or their statements,
    Believe in Almighty Allah and stay
    calm Insha Allah every thing should be ok.

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