How to Contact Facebook Email Support

How to Contact Facebook Email Support? Why do you need to contact Facebook email support?

The truth is Facebook doesn’t provide a public email support service. Facebook has a very extensive help center.  In this article, we will help you to find what you are looking for in Facebook.

First of all, you need to go to Facebook Help Center.  Under ‘Using Facebook’ you can look for a relevant topic. Clicking on the topic will take you another page where you will see all frequently asked questions and its answers.  In 90% of the cases you are likely to come across what you were looking for.

In case of you don’t know what the relevant category; you can begin typing your query in the search box. Facebook then will list out some most relevant F.A.Qs for you. Expanding the questions will give you detailed answers. Spending some time in the Help Center would be enough to resolve your issues without contacting Facebook.

However there are few cases, Facebook will give you option submit your unresolved queries on a online form for which you are likely to get an answer within 24 hours.

Here are some very important Forms to contact Facebook email Support Team.

how to contact facebook email supportIf you would like to report inappropriate or abusive things you see on Facebook or you would like to report a violation of Facebook usage, use this form to contact Facebook support team for help

You are not able to login to your Facebook account. You tried for password reset. It doesn’t work. So you think somebody might have hacked your account. In this case, click here to go to special Facebook Link where Facebook Support system will help you to log back to your account and regain control of your Facebook account.

Someone is harassing you or annoying you by creating a very similar Facebook profile as yours. In this case you would like to report to Facebook that particular Facebook profile is an impostor account. There is a form to file a report that a Facebook account is pretending to be you or someone you know. Click here to go that form.

Someone is using your email address for Facebook. All of sudden you received an email about signing up for a Facebook account even though you never did that. You have never opened a new account in Facebook and somebody is miss using your email address. You can report invalid registration email by filling out this form.

Someone is using my photo or my child’s photo in Facebook. How shall I report this to Facebook?. Facebook Support system provides several ways to report Photos and Videos that violate your privacy rights.

If you are living in United States of America, Click here to use this form to report a photo or video that violates your privacy.

If you are living in any other country, click here to use the form to report a photo or video violation

In case if you want to report a photo or video that violates the privacy of your child, use this Form

In case if your friend or family member is mentally or physically not able to use this report system this, someone else can report to Facebook on their behalf. Use this Form.

Somebody has posted a Copyright material of your content or data on Facebook without your permission. Somebody is using your Trademark. You simply want to report Facebook a Violation or Copyright Infringement. In those cases, use this Form to contact Facebook Support Team.

What if you find your under aged child created a Facebook account or If you believe there a child under the age of 13 using Facebook account, how do you report to Facebook Support Team?. Use this Form to report a child’s account registered under false date of Birth.

Report a Login Issue. You are sure nobody hacked your account. You have complete access to your Email Address. You have used correct Email ID and Password. But still you are not able to login to Facebook account. In such cases you can seek further help to resolve your Facebook Login issues. Use this form to contact Facebook support :

When I created Facebook account, I used my mobile number. Now I am not able to login to Facebook account using my mobile number. You can try entering your phone number with country code. Try eliminating + or 00 signs and still if you are facing the login issue, use this link to initiate the recover process of your Facebook account.

Whenever I click on a link inside my Facebook account, suddenly I am logged out of Facebook account. This happens several times. How shall I report this Consistent Logout Problems? Use this form

You are already logged into Facebook account. But you get this error message: “Must be logged in to see this page”. You can report this issue to Facebook Support team by using this form.

I am having trouble to login to Facebook Account. ‘Find Your Account’ does not help me. I tried all possible options to identify my account. But it doesn’t work. In this case, you can use this form to send a feedback to Facebook Support Team

Facebook Account Creation Issues.

Your name is rejected during Facebook account sign up process. It is your real name and Facebook will not let you use it. You can use this form to contact Facebook Support team to address your account creation problem.

When you created a Facebook account, you accidentally entered a wrong email address. Now you want to change to your valid email address. But you are not able to change your incorrect email address. You can contact Facebook to report this issue by using this form.

I typed my correct email address. Still Facebook will not let me complete the account creation process. It says your email address is invalid. Use this form to contact Facebook for Invalid Email Address Error message.

I am not able to sign up using my mobile number. You do not wish to use your email address to create Facebook account. If you are able to receive text message to your mobile number. To address this issue, you can contact Facebook support team by using this form.

I have signed up for Facebook using my valid email address and other information. But I have never received the Facebook signup confirmation email. I checked my INBOX and SPAM / BULK folder. Waited considerable amount of time, still I have not received the Facebook signup confirmation email. To get the help on issue with Confirming Your Facebook Account, use this form:

I am getting “Something went wrong’ error message or “Please enter a City/State” error message or “Please enter a valid phone number” error message or the confirmation code which found in the email doesn’t work or if you have any other issues while creating a Facebook Account or Page, use this form to contact Facebook Support Team.

I have signed up with Facebook using my mobile number. But I have never received a Confirmation Code SMS or TEXT MESSAGE to my mobile number. I have no issued in receiving a normal TEXT message. You can use this form to contact Facebook.

If you are getting an error message saying “Phone was recently used to verify another account” or “You have reached your code limit” or if you have any other issues to verify your account using your mobile number, you can use this form to contact Facebook team for support.

Everyone is not permitted to use Fb to recruit, transport, provide, obtain or harbor people with regards to exploiting all of them. If you’ve seen virtually any content on Facebook in connection with this behaviour, please use below link form to file a report. If you’ve encountered anyone engaged in this behaviour on Facebook, please contact police force immediately.

We will further update this article on How to Contact Facebook Email Support with more links to form. Please share this article with your Facebook friends.

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  • I do not want these new direct advertising spots and alot of my friends feel the same way!Please do something about it or I must bail and I’m sure I am not alone!

  • Hi I am a Christian Pastor and have 500 Facebook friends, I have been stopped from adding more Christian brothers and sisters who want to become my friends and some I have contacted also. Now my question is how can many have as much as 5,000 friends I am also sure that they do know some of them? but they are still our brothers and the sisters in Christ. And many are on my Facebook also with 5,000 friends. Please tell my how these things happen ? I consider this to be unfair. I await your answer re this.

    God bless Rev. Evangelist Graham Lucas

  • I am unable to get to my log in page for facebook. When I try to pull up the facebook sign in page, I get a white page with some writing on the left. Everything that I try does not work. At 4:00am I was on a game when everything turned white. I was not able to log off or nothing. I having been trying all day and night to get back on facebook and have been unable too. Please help me!!!! I appreciate any help you could offer. My email address is above.
    Thank you for your help,
    Diane Scarbrough (

  • Peter Ankovics

    I can’t open any facebook page it’s all blank. Therefore any of the standard ways for me to contact facebook in any online way is out.
    Is there any other way to get help.

  • hi please deleted this fake fan page on facebook that person talk bad abouth me and is racism to me and he add my prive family pic

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