How to Contact Facebook Email Support

How to Contact Facebook Email Support? Why do you need to contact Facebook email support?

The truth is Facebook doesn’t provide a public email support service. Facebook has a very extensive help center.  In this article, we will help you to find what you are looking for in Facebook.

First of all, you need to go to Facebook Help Center.  Under ‘Using Facebook’ you can look for a relevant topic. Clicking on the topic will take you another page where you will see all frequently asked questions and its answers.  In 90% of the cases you are likely to come across what you were looking for.

In case of you don’t know what the relevant category; you can begin typing your query in the search box. Facebook then will list out some most relevant F.A.Qs for you. Expanding the questions will give you detailed answers. Spending some time in the Help Center would be enough to resolve your issues without contacting Facebook.

However there are few cases, Facebook will give you option submit your unresolved queries on a online form for which you are likely to get an answer within 24 hours.

Here are some very important Forms to contact Facebook email Support Team.

how to contact facebook email supportIf you would like to report inappropriate or abusive things you see on Facebook or you would like to report a violation of Facebook usage, use this form to contact Facebook support team for help

You are not able to login to your Facebook account. You tried for password reset. It doesn’t work. So you think somebody might have hacked your account. In this case, click here to go to special Facebook Link where Facebook Support system will help you to log back to your account and regain control of your Facebook account.

Someone is harassing you or annoying you by creating a very similar Facebook profile as yours. In this case you would like to report to Facebook that particular Facebook profile is an impostor account. There is a form to file a report that a Facebook account is pretending to be you or someone you know. Click here to go that form.

Someone is using your email address for Facebook. All of sudden you received an email about signing up for a Facebook account even though you never did that. You have never opened a new account in Facebook and somebody is miss using your email address. You can report invalid registration email by filling out this form.

Someone is using my photo or my child’s photo in Facebook. How shall I report this to Facebook?. Facebook Support system provides several ways to report Photos and Videos that violate your privacy rights.

If you are living in United States of America, Click here to use this form to report a photo or video that violates your privacy.

If you are living in any other country, click here to use the form to report a photo or video violation

In case if you want to report a photo or video that violates the privacy of your child, use this Form

In case if your friend or family member is mentally or physically not able to use this report system this, someone else can report to Facebook on their behalf. Use this Form.

Somebody has posted a Copyright material of your content or data on Facebook without your permission. Somebody is using your Trademark. You simply want to report Facebook a Violation or Copyright Infringement. In those cases, use this Form to contact Facebook Support Team.

What if you find your under aged child created a Facebook account or If you believe there a child under the age of 13 using Facebook account, how do you report to Facebook Support Team?. Use this Form to report a child’s account registered under false date of Birth.

Report a Login Issue. You are sure nobody hacked your account. You have complete access to your Email Address. You have used correct Email ID and Password. But still you are not able to login to Facebook account. In such cases you can seek further help to resolve your Facebook Login issues. Use this form to contact Facebook support :

When I created Facebook account, I used my mobile number. Now I am not able to login to Facebook account using my mobile number. You can try entering your phone number with country code. Try eliminating + or 00 signs and still if you are facing the login issue, use this link to initiate the recover process of your Facebook account.

Whenever I click on a link inside my Facebook account, suddenly I am logged out of Facebook account. This happens several times. How shall I report this Consistent Logout Problems? Use this form

You are already logged into Facebook account. But you get this error message: “Must be logged in to see this page”. You can report this issue to Facebook Support team by using this form.

I am having trouble to login to Facebook Account. ‘Find Your Account’ does not help me. I tried all possible options to identify my account. But it doesn’t work. In this case, you can use this form to send a feedback to Facebook Support Team

Facebook Account Creation Issues.

Your name is rejected during Facebook account sign up process. It is your real name and Facebook will not let you use it. You can use this form to contact Facebook Support team to address your account creation problem.

When you created a Facebook account, you accidentally entered a wrong email address. Now you want to change to your valid email address. But you are not able to change your incorrect email address. You can contact Facebook to report this issue by using this form.

I typed my correct email address. Still Facebook will not let me complete the account creation process. It says your email address is invalid. Use this form to contact Facebook for Invalid Email Address Error message.

I am not able to sign up using my mobile number. You do not wish to use your email address to create Facebook account. If you are able to receive text message to your mobile number. To address this issue, you can contact Facebook support team by using this form.

I have signed up for Facebook using my valid email address and other information. But I have never received the Facebook signup confirmation email. I checked my INBOX and SPAM / BULK folder. Waited considerable amount of time, still I have not received the Facebook signup confirmation email. To get the help on issue with Confirming Your Facebook Account, use this form:

I am getting “Something went wrong’ error message or “Please enter a City/State” error message or “Please enter a valid phone number” error message or the confirmation code which found in the email doesn’t work or if you have any other issues while creating a Facebook Account or Page, use this form to contact Facebook Support Team.

I have signed up with Facebook using my mobile number. But I have never received a Confirmation Code SMS or TEXT MESSAGE to my mobile number. I have no issued in receiving a normal TEXT message. You can use this form to contact Facebook.

If you are getting an error message saying “Phone was recently used to verify another account” or “You have reached your code limit” or if you have any other issues to verify your account using your mobile number, you can use this form to contact Facebook team for support.

Everyone is not permitted to use Fb to recruit, transport, provide, obtain or harbor people with regards to exploiting all of them. If you’ve seen virtually any content on Facebook in connection with this behaviour, please use below link form to file a report. If you’ve encountered anyone engaged in this behaviour on Facebook, please contact police force immediately.

We will further update this article on How to Contact Facebook Email Support with more links to form. Please share this article with your Facebook friends.

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  • I do not want these new direct advertising spots and alot of my friends feel the same way!Please do something about it or I must bail and I’m sure I am not alone!

  • Hi I am a Christian Pastor and have 500 Facebook friends, I have been stopped from adding more Christian brothers and sisters who want to become my friends and some I have contacted also. Now my question is how can many have as much as 5,000 friends I am also sure that they do know some of them? but they are still our brothers and the sisters in Christ. And many are on my Facebook also with 5,000 friends. Please tell my how these things happen ? I consider this to be unfair. I await your answer re this.

    God bless Rev. Evangelist Graham Lucas

  • I am unable to get to my log in page for facebook. When I try to pull up the facebook sign in page, I get a white page with some writing on the left. Everything that I try does not work. At 4:00am I was on a game when everything turned white. I was not able to log off or nothing. I having been trying all day and night to get back on facebook and have been unable too. Please help me!!!! I appreciate any help you could offer. My email address is above.
    Thank you for your help,
    Diane Scarbrough (

  • Peter Ankovics

    I can’t open any facebook page it’s all blank. Therefore any of the standard ways for me to contact facebook in any online way is out.
    Is there any other way to get help.

  • hi please deleted this fake fan page on facebook that person talk bad abouth me and is racism to me and he add my prive family pic

  • When I like something or accept a friends request how do I make it so only that person sees the like or friends request?

  • I manage a page but I don’t have an option for ” event ” . I need this option . How do I get it?

  • Dear all please help me to log out of my facebook account on Pc.

  • exist the posibility to get the first comment on my facebook? please i need it

  • harpreet kaur

    Facebook kulh nail rahi

  • Margie Beltrano

    I received an email as per below: which looks like a fraud email

    From: Facebook Dispatch Officer (
    Date: Tue. 4 Jun 2013 at 14:49
    Your Profile was selected among the 34,000 Facebook winners of 750,000 GBP (SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTHY THOUSAND Great British pounds)
    as Facebook clock 1 Billion Users.
    Facebook shows appreciation to members world wide, we thank you all for being part of this great achievement AND congratulations
    as one of our winners. Your advised to contact the claims manager on how to claim your prize.

    Note: You have to check your junk/spam folder in your email for updates regarding your claims.
    Please keep this message safe and free from friends and relatives, for security and safety of your funds.
    Note: all winnings MUST be claimed before the end of this program; otherwise all funds will be returned as
    Unclaimed and eventually donated to charity organizations.

    Contact Person: Mr. Martins Villa Officer in Charge
    ( Protocols, Handling and Delivery ) Email:
    Regards Facebook Dispatch Officer

  • I want to deactivate my account

  • Sheryl Foley

    My face book account is under john/sherry Foley. I keep getting the thing saying I have asked people to be my friends that I don’t know, I have never asked anyone to be my friend that I do not know, unless its joining an organization open to the public. I have had people from other countries ask me and I turned them down. I am unsure why we are getting this message. I do not like receiving this as it seems like a threat. I have asked no one that I don’t know to be our friends. So I am unsure who is saying this or where this is coming from. As a matter of fact I have asked no one recently except an organization that helps orphans.

  • Wow this is really great list. Thank you for publishing this.

  • I sent a request a few weeks ago that when I scroll down through my feeds…it keeps popping back up to the top….this was fixed until today…please make it stop doing that…very frustrating and makes me want to delete facebook….if i can’t read it….no use having it…..really enjoy facebook and would be very sad to lose it……

  • I just found out that a stranger can access my facebook account by going to the web browser on their Android phone. I have no idea who it is, but they posted on my wall, using my own account, to demonstrate that there is some privacy flaw going on here.
    There is no support for this in the help centre. FIX THE BUG. How else will facebook find out there is a problem?

  • michael stoddart

    Dear Sirs,
    well facebook i have had no response so now i am looking at your ignorance reguarding cichlids international that you where paid off by david gould of just cichlid world which now i am going to the national press as i think that facebook are not listening to what im saying and yes i will take facebook to court.
    so facebook now will be given 24hrs from now to reply to me.

  • Margaret Liggins


  • Hello my name is Sandra Bures and I have been posting on facebook for close to a year about kaplan. Now I find out each post I made has been erased. I have said nothing but the truth. I have kept it down to my own opinions and if I have spoken to another person just suggestions. How they may or may not take perfectly good suggestions is up to them. I am one of many victims of Kaplan whose life has been practically ruined by kapans lies, fraud and mistrepresentations any word fits. That site was maintained due to maybe I might be able to help another or if nothing else help myself. Wouldn’t this be a first ammendment violation?

  • Hi facebook is a site which by my opinion can be abused very seriously and you think an e-mail support isn’t necessary.I don’t have facebook account and probably never will but someone has hacked my mail and now I get invitations from all over the world to “my” facebook account which I didn’t know it existed and the worst thing is that I don’t know “my” facebook user name or password so I have no idea whats going on.I read these messages on this site and I’m terrified, those are minors for god sake!!! And you still think more active help isn’t necessary!Like I said someone is using my mail and normally I tried to report it but the form is, to say it mildly ridiculous, I’m asked if I knew the Id of the impostor and a photo.Tell me why would I need your support if I knew that.And this is going on for three days now and I cant do anything yet.Please tell me can you help me?

  • About a year ago now an old facebook (link of mine was hacked and i never was able to get into it again, It was a random guy from overseas and he quoted “i will only give back your pasword if you flash me on webcam” and alot of other nasty comments. i had over 100 people report it and no action was taken so i let it go, around 3 days ago now they went back onto it after a year and added 700 more people abusing them even my friends which gave me so much problems. I got more people to report the issue i even posted it on my newest facebook requesting to report it and they many people did, in conclusion no action has been taken and ontop of that i have not had access to my facebook now for 3 days when i went to sign in 3 days about it said that facebook had reason to believe this facebook was fake and so on, then a map came up showing where i was loggin in from i proceeded comfirming it was myself and ever since then ive had this come up
    Sorry, something went wrong.

    We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.

    Go back

    everytime i try and log in, im really frustrated and upset as i use facebook alot to get me by every day, I dont know who to contact or talk to so please can you help me out ASAPPP !!

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards,


  • I am trying to reset my password, I get no response from facebook, I did this once before and received a reset code, I didn’t use it because I figured out that google chrome remembered the password. I had to reinstall vista and now I can’t get into my account. The reason I can’t remember my password is because facebook requested I change it and I can’t remember what the new password is. Ron DeClue

  • a man is using my daughters name on his profile, i cannot access it to see what has been written or who this person is .My daughter is 15 and i am concerned as her password on her page is no longer been accepted and i am worried this may be a duplicate

  • hello, i noticed some time ago that my job had been turned into a link. well so i got some likes on it, so i decided to go ahead an create the page, because i wanted to get my name out there in my community at least. well now there are two pages, thompson refrigeration heating and cooling. both are mine, i own the business. so how do i link these together because it said i have to have 25 likes before i could get a sign in name for that account rather than being linked to my account. well i have over 40 likes, an i have no idea how to link the two together, or move the information over, but my web site is being built at this time, and i would like to put a link to face book on there…..pls help me!! thank you.

  • my daughter started a facebook account and she is 14 years old i dont want her on here till she is 16 how can i get her off here…she wont let me disable her account what can i do please?? thank-you

  • At the top of my page when i go to my farm in farmville or my cafe in cafe world or when i get a post for one of the games, it has this: Shandi, we couldn’t reach you by email. Please enter a valid email address. And it has the blank space for me to put my email address and then it has a button to click that says update email and it also has a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark beside the statement telling me they couldn’t reach me by my email!! I just want to make sure this is from Facebook before i put my email address in there cause it could be a hacker and also someone told me Facebook could take away my acct if i don’t put my email address in there and i don’t want that to happen cause i get on everyday and i also play the games too!! Please, let me know what i can do….thanks!!

  • I recently changed my profile to a page. There are two confusing things that I dont really understands. When am logged in a computer, I cant see some of my old staffs like comments, photos, msg, and profile details but only the details I added after chenging my profile into a page. when am logged in a mobile phone,I cant see any of my profile details except the pictures I added before changing the proile. I have added some pictures in my new page, people have commented on the photos but cnt really see the comments on phone. Please advise as I want all my photos in my page and would also like to access the page in my mobile.

  • friends dns server is down on facebook cant load any games or accept any gifts it shown dns server down cant find game please fix this for her thanks Candy

  • Antonia Magness

    Hi, I was hoping you can help. I have read the above article & I understand how the facebook help centre works. The problem is that I cannot even get into facebook. I am getting the following message appear when ever I log in to my account: “Account temporarily unavailable: Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly. Please try again in a few minutes.” It has been about 4 hours now and still no progress. My Internet connection is working. I can search Google and visit other websites. But whenever I try facebook this message always appears. I have tried the facebook help centre, but once again this message appears and I cannot go any further. Could you please advise me how I could resolve this problem?

  • there is an underage user on fb by the name of Evan Diaz.he is 9 years old.his father is Manuel Diaz,lives in Torrance Ca.,from Hermosa Beach ,Ca.from Redondo Union High.
    i do not know Evans email address, which makes it impossible to report him.i do not know his parents email address either.
    the boys mother is Claudia Lopez Diaz, also lives in Torrance Ca.
    on Evans wall there is in his profile picture ….the Riddlers Revenge.
    i thought one must be at least 13 years of age?
    isnt this illegal?

  • Why would I receive an email that said I created a new account and I didnt?

  • I have read all of the help suggestions but none apply to my problem.
    When I try to open my facebook page, a picture comes up that I put on there a few days ago. Now I am try to remove it because it has bloce me from proceeding any further. I cannot access under the picture to click on “edit picture.” Can you help me?

  • I started a group requesting a kidney donor but no longer wish to keep the group open as i have lots of disrespectful comments or offers that are illegal asking for money. Unfortunately when i was targetted by the 1st problem person, I left the group as an administrator stupidly thinking the group would then close but now i am stuck as it is still open, I am still getting problems and i cant close it as i’m no longer admin. Someone please help as this is very distressing and am already having a distressing time without that. I cant contact facebook to remove it as there is no contact details 🙁

  • Hi, I was wondering whats up with the friend list? One day my friends are on my homepage the next day they were gone. The same thing happen in the game Zombie lane; yesterday (late last night actually) my neighbors were there and this morning they were all gone, including my own status. Is there a bug or something worse? I hope this problem resolves quickly, or I will close my account and not return and I will expect all my money returned within 30 days, before I seek legal help. Thank you and have a good day.

  • i m login my facebook account but not access my profile only one message their and only logout option is there….

  • I have been trying 2 add my creditcard to my facebook payments.I keep getting a reply telling me that my request cant be processed.How will this problem be fixed?

  • My younger brother contracted a virus into our computer and after I was able to rid the computer from the pestilence I am now unable to connect to facebook. My computer is being blocked by facebook itself it seems…

  • james migliorato

    The font shrunk to an unreadable size right before my eyes. I went to the help center and it’s a blank page now and I can’t even post anything anymore. I called the facebook number and pushed “1” for customer support only to be told by an answering machine that they don’t do customer support over the phone which is an oxymoron in itself. Their is nothing I can do. I’ve been off for several days now and I may have to contact the Better Business Bereau if I don’t receive help. I’ve sent emails out and nobody replies or fixes the problem. Horrible customer service by facebook.

  • How to get back my page? I closed my profile, but when I got back I couldn’t find my page. Can you help me? Please!!

  • Gwen Wolverton

    my game request page disappeared on my facebook, i cant click on my farmville things that im trying to collect, i have to go to my HOME page and search through everything that doesnt have anything to do with my game to find my game items… PLEASE give it back!!

  • What i would like to know is what is the minimum level of cookie protection i can use and still log on to these bum f******?.
    I have lowered my settings but still cannot log on.

  • Why I can’t upload my photos using my facebook account (email removed) via my blackberry? But if I use other account it allows me to upload photos.. Is it something wrong with my account?

  • hey guys.. plzz tell me how should i open my facebook account.. because they r sending me the approval code on my old mobile-nmbr but my old mobile nmbr is blocked now what should i do… plzzzz helppp.

  • hey guys.. plzz tell me how should i open my facebook account.. because they r sending me the approval code on my nmbr but my old mobile nmr is blocked now what should i do… plzzzz helppp..

  • A message saying incompatible web browser we are not cool enough to support your server. I cannot get on the page to even log in. Help

  • my account was hacked about a week ago, i locked it and facebook told me it wld be unlocked withiin 24 hours yet it hasnt been unlocked. How do i fix this or contact facebook to fix it?

  • I m not able to access my facebook account from the last one week .. I think there is some problem in my facebook ID.. so plz help me so that i can login my id.. Thanks

  • I received an email:

    Your Ticket number and email Id have been confirmed to be one of the few selected Winner-References with us in commemoration of our 7th year in making social networking around the world. We therefore thank and congratulate you for accepting this token from us.
    Please download the attached confirmation Certificate.

    It is the truth whether or not.

  • christopher lamont williams

    What do I have to do to be unblocked

  • christopher lamont williams

    Am blocked from log in when will I be able to log in

  • how can i get all of my information/pictures/ friends from my previous facebook account that was hacked

  • Lorraine Owen

    I was wondering if anyone can help me, I blocked my account due to some horrible person hacking & compromising my account. I have sent off my id as requested by facebook, but they have not got back to me and I need my facebook !. Please Help !

  • Why won’t the Facebook android app work on galaxy tab wifi?

  • Elna van Dijk

    I received a warning today that my account has been reported and detected by a team of facebook service, “because abusing fb privacy, disturbing others”, then a list of things that is just not true! My account will be closed in 24 hours. They also said I should click on “http.//, which I did’nt do. Is this a virus, and should I delete the whole thing. Please help!! Thank you.

  • Thank You!!

  • Hi. I’ve been trying to resolve this for some time now. I hope you will be able to email me back with a reply. I have a FB page for my business. I have a custom URL for it:
    The preferences are set to be visible. But some people are having a hard time finding my page with the URL. I discovered that if I am logged out, my URL goes directly to the login page. However, for others’ pages, the actual page is visible along with the URL. Mine, for some reason, is not visible.
    Any insights you have would be so helpful as I cannot find any information about this anywhere. I would really like my page to be visible, as others’ pages are.
    Thanks so much!

  • i was recently told tht my page had temporarly been shut down due to someone trying to access my facebook account then i was told if i sent a picture of my driving license stating my name etc as proof of i.d that my account would be re activated..this was 3 days ago and i was wondering when or if this problem will be resolved?

  • Fahim Ishtiaque Chowdhury

    I’v received an email from facebook Cash-4-U saying that my email address has won One Hundred and thirty five thousand pound sterling (135,000.00) based on 7th Year anniversary with a given ticket number.

    They gave me an email address to send details contact to: (Mr. Joel Honore or Ms Pretyrose)

    I want to know how authentic is this. Should I proceed with the saying or is it some sort of fraudulent activity???

    Please reply me as soon as possible.

    Thanking you in advance.

    Fahim Ishtiaque Chowdhury

  • please solve my problem asap..I always login my account using my mobile number .I didnt mention my email address on facebook when i m trying to login my account new account is open i am not finding my old one.plz resolve my problem.


  • swaroop kaintura

    please see who is blocked me with out any reason , and why u have block me for 14 day , see this wrong happening with me , i need my respect back in normal face book soon.

  • Marti Fischer

    I am trying to install Better Facebook. But the comment comes up stating, “Safari can’t install this application.” An error occurred while installing the extension “Better Facebook” Why not?

  • jacqueline grogan

    my facebook page has been blank for 2 days can’t even get on the help center

  • I keep getting the message that my account is not available today. Please email my what to do???

  • sofia tsiropoulou

    please help me, i cannot log-in.someone has hacked my acount. i downloaded avast anti virus yesteday and everthing was fine, but now i can’t get back in. facebook has found the intruder but i didn’t have the time to respond.please help me because i have no other method of contacting you.

  • Holly Robinson

    I need help removing a fake profile page in my son’s name, it has all his info, and we just found out earlier today. He has nothing to do with it and he did not set it up. I don’t know exactly what to do so can you help me? He is very upset about this. Some girl set up this facebook account. To make him mad. This is his Mother typing this for him. Thank you!!!

  • Chris Triplet

    I am unable to get into facebook for support so this is my last resort. I think someone’s hacked into my account but I am unable to open account to change settings or cancel account.

  • suresh b singh

    hi sir,

    please help me i am able to log in bt not able to view my profile please help me out i think there is som virus…please help me out…its my old profile dont want to lose it

  • Nathan Edge

    On the right of facebook it gives you the option to add people from your windows live account so i thought id try it a i have a lot of friends on there. but once i had sent the requests, it logged me out of facebook and said i had a 7 day ban from contacting people who arent on my friends list and sending any friend requests. It also said the ban could be extended. The reason for this was for “apparently” sending requests to people who i dont know… but i do! Is there anything i can do?

  • Sarrah Porter

    I got a message from something that was suppose to be Facebook Security on the bottom of my page this morning that said I would be deactivated in 24 hours and to click on a link. I thought it might be a virus and don’t know what to do. I don’t know if there is a problem but I am a 60 year old Christian lady that does not use profanity or anything except to uplift people and don’t know what this is about. Can you help me?

  • me, i really need your help/Support, Some one deleted members from our group. I wanted that person name…

    I’m waiting for your email…

  • My account has been hacked into.200.00 worth. I do not even know how to play poker..I want this resolved. I will be contacting police. please respond and take care of these charges. thank you.

  • rana imtiaz

    i am rana imtiaz . there is any problem with my facebook home page , i can not see posts posted by friends please refresh my facebook account

  • Allan Ignatius

    I’m unable to send friend request and message could you please unblock it as soon as possible

  • Trish Hooper

    I have lost a friend on Facebook. Despite writing about 50 emails between us and getting the same automated reply we still can’t be friends. Now she’s started disappearing from other friends too – she can see their page but they can’t see her and she’s blocked nobody (and nor have I). There must be someone that can help us all get back in touch again.

  • Quick question what happens when someone some how knows yours information and gets into your facebook profile and changes your information such as “birth date” i have lost control of my account due to the fact my birth date has been changed in my settings on top other things

  • I’ve been blocked from sending messages, but I sent friend request to admins of a group I joined, at their request. How can this be listed as sending to many messages? And why did they show in my messages sent folder? They were friend request, as requested by them, not by me. And they weren’t messages, just friend request. Why am I now blocked from sending a message? Any help would be more than appreciated. Thank you

  • Bobby Lewis

    I cannot get onto Face book I got this mssg:

    Account Temporarily Unavailable

    Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly. Please try again in a few minutes. How do I fix this?

  • When am trying to login to my facebook account showing a message that “some error occurs and we are working on it” how can i report to facebook about my problem.
    Please reply

  • Jilln Harman

    I am administrator of the secret group. When I received the notice that the group would be archived I started a group of the same name in the new group format. I need to know how to move the 145 pictures and status posts from the old group to the new group. The new group only has 8 posts and 4 pictures – can I move the new group content to the old group then more the old group to the new group format?

  • Timothy Leeny

    I was blocked by face book for commenting on a Christian site because I said that “Love is the greatest of the three Faith Hope Love.” Why? Now I cant comment on anything?

  • I just want to ask if how can i block a lists of people with same surname? It happens that I block this specific person but all other personality with same surname appears in my suggested friends…

  • Try to search your profile in Google Cache. You might be able to see the birthdate or you can ask one of your FB friend to look at your facebook and if they can see the Birth Date?

  • ilost my active account,and to activate they need me to indentify the tagged pals pictures,of which they changed their profile pics or use pics of eg.footbal clubs,flowers etc, secondly ifaked my birthdate….and forgot it,help.imis chatting.

  • Hi,
    I’m having trouble accessing my facebook account because of a recent “roadblock”. It asks for my birthday, but I don’t remember entering one when I made the account, if I did then I don’t remember what date it’s looking for! I was just trying to make a music page, so I could have used a birthday of a band member or just a concert date. Could you please help me get past this roadblock, or verify my account another way. I’d be willing to send my real birthday or anything they need (even though it seems like overkill).
    I’ve looked through the help center for hours and there’s nothing in there that covers this exactly, and facebook hasn’t helped.
    I really need access to my band page again, I’m loosing business because of this! Most of the music community is on facebook and I haven’t been able to login for many months!

  • last 12 hrs cannot log in to facebook , it is saying site unavailable , how do i fix this?

  • I am trying to claim multiple places for a large Australian business franchise, however I have not even been able to claim one place. I followed the procedure outlined on the Places instructional page however no-one has contacted me to verify my details. Can you please provide me with a contact for FB places in Australia so that I may lodge a claim on several places (over 70) at once?

  • Jacob Simeon me,i need your support team,i really need your help,I’m expecting your consideration and kindness….

    I’m waiting for your email…

  • You are talking about Custom URL for your Facebook Page. You should get more than 1000 likes to your pages and then you will be able to choose a Custom URL for your facebook page. So keep promoting your page and increase the Likes.

    Once you have crosses the 1000 likes for your Facebook page, access and you will be able to type a custom Username for your facebook page.

    You were able to create a Custom URL for your profile page. But once you created it you can not change it.

  • This is the only option I found to contact Facebook and directly express my problem.
    I created a page for my company I registered so I could use and direct users form my upcoming site to Facebook. I was unable to secure the link even though I had over 25 likes, also my likes kept changing for some reason. When I typed into my browser it brought me to my personal profile. I changed it to and need it changed back and linked to my MusicCities page. It is very important to me and my business to have the ability to use social media and have a professional page for my website on Facebook. If someone could please help me retrieve my link I would greatly appreciate it. Or if there is some way I can do this myself please email me the instructions.

    Thank you,
    Clinton Paul
    Clintonpaul35 @ gmail. com

  • I have just closed my account with snapfish because of the high level of intrusion. Please help get rid of my photos they still have on my profile page .Thanks Ben Jabialu.

  • Some one has created a fake abuse perofile on facebook with nude pictures that has my face with the name Asma jafry which is not me and sending invites ol all facebook users including my family.
    Please kindly take serious and quick action and disable that account permanently from facebook because this is fake profile is damaging my reputation badly.

    Thank you

  • Angela Horton

    Is facebook really shuting down march 15

  • Marshaleen Candappa

    I need to change my surname on Facebook but it wont allow me as I have 3 names can you kindly help me

    Thanks a lot

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