Home Based Medical Transcription Jobs in Bangalore

Home Based Medical Transcription Jobs in Bangalore

Bangalore city being the hub of Outsourcing to the World, is a place where you can find lots of home based medical transcription jobs. This article will take you through some helpful information to find a home based medical transcription jobs in Bangalore city.

Why Home Based Medical Transcription Jobs?

If you are housewife, student, retired person or a professional and looking for some residual income, home based medical transcription job is one of the best option. All you need is some basic computer knowledge, knowledge in medical related terms and skill to type fast. There are many medical transcription training centers in Bangalore, where you can also get a basic training on computer to be prepared to become a transcriptionist.

Facility in Bangalore for Medical Transcription Jobs

medical transcription jobs bangaloreBangalore is one of the few cities in India where you get the best home based facilitty for Medical Tanscription jobs. You can get the best performing computer at a very reasonable price. Many Internet Service Providers offer home based internet connection upto 4MB speed at a affordable price. Some of the Private Internet Service Providers like Airtel, Reliance etc are the best choice. You can also get best medical transcribing equipments for your computer.

How to find a Medical Transcription Company in Bangalore?

Internet Search Engines can help you to find a company that offer medical transcription jobs in Bangalore. Naukri.com is another place where lots of Medical Transcription jobs are being posted every day. Many of those job openings have the opportunity for home based work. Creating a account or submitting your resume in job portals is another best way to get job offers related to Medical Transcription.

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  • Hi, I am Nalini from Bangalore, looking for home transcription from well known company. I dont have the experience in this field. I have done course and training at Hqmt. My accuracy is 80% and 40-45 wpm. So, please let me know the results in this regard. Thank You.

  • M. Bhagya Lakshmi

    I am Lakshmi from Vijayawada (A.P) having 3 years of experience as medical transcriptionist in a well known company, now wants to work from home. So, please let me know the results in this regard. Thank you.

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