Old Computer Tricks that Still Works

Tricks for Computer Startup issue:

Whether it is Windows 95 or 98 or Windows XP or Windows Vista or Windows 7 , you are likely to have a computer start up problem. When you turn on your computer it takes too much time to see the desktop screen. I have across a computer trick that still even works with Windows 7. Check it out: Windows XP Faster Computer Startup Tips.

As mentioned in this article one of the main reason why your computer has start up problem is, the number of programs in the start list. There could be so many application running on the start up list. Many of them are not necessary. According to my opioning one of the main application you will need with start up will be the anti-virus/antispyware program you use.

Tricks to Fix Internet Explorer slow loading:

Whether it is IE 5 or IE 6 or IE 7  or IE 8, you are likely to have a slow loading issue. For this me this worked: How to fix Internet Exploere 6 slow page load Problem? Similar workaround will fix the slow loading error with IE 7 and IE 8. Try to disable your IE addons first, check the speed by activating the addon one by one. This way you can easily find out the addon that cause the problem.

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