Why I choose BitDefender 2010, the Best Anti Virus Software?

I hate virus as much as you do. Since 5 years, I have tried many anti-virus softwares. These are some of the common issues I faced.

  • Take too much system resource
  • Slow down Computer Performance
  • Take too much time to scan files
  • Fails to update virus definition very often

There are many free anti-virus software available to download. Many claim high security toyour computer. These are some of the lessons I have learned.

  • Never install or try a Free Anti-virus Software.
  • Never use a hacked or nulled Anti-virus Software.
  • Never buy a anti-software that do not offer a trail usage.
  • Always buy a Anti-virus software that high usage rates and reviews.best anti virus software 2010

If you ask me which is the best anti-virus software, I would say that I am happy with BitDefender 2010. I have so many reason to say why it is a best anti-virus software to me.

Let me tell you an event happened recently.

I was reading a blog article and the blogger author was talking about a website. I became curious and immediately clicked on that website link. All of sudden, I got bitdefender alert saying that, a Torjon virus is found on this website. BitDefender 2010 did NOT allow me to go further. It simply said, the site is blocked. A million thanks to BitDefender 2010.

best antivirus software 2010

A Great source of Virus are found on Websites. As you browse many websites, you are likely to be infected with many virus that enter your computer while visiting those website. It may be genuine website, or it may be a regularly visited website, but when it is infected with a virus, you may not come to know about it, unless you have a good anti-virus software like BitDefender 2010.

In my experience BitDefender 2010 is very light for computer and doesn’t take too much memory or system resource.

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