Installing a Sound Card in Your PC

Just about every home has at least one computer in use. When you buy a computer it comes with a long list of what is included with the system. You might find that your system didn’t come with a sound card.

Most new computers are equipped with a sound card. The sound card allows you to hear what is happening on your computer screen. Some people don’t notice that there is no sound card installed because they don’t use the computer for surfing the Internet. If you are creating and managing documents on your PC no sound is required.

If you are one those computer owners that installs a PC game and finally realizes that you can’t hear anything coming from the screen, don’t be alarmed. You have not gone deaf. All you need is a sound card.

Just about any office supply and computer store sells sound cards. Before buying one, you can check the computer compatibility specifics either on the PC or in the user manual to see if there are any guidelines for choosing a sound card. If you have no clue, you can always ask the store personnel. Describe your computer system and they can recommend a sound card. Creative makes the Sound Blaster series of sound cards that most people are using these days.

Installing a sound card for the first time is relatively simple for anyone to do. Just a few suggestions: Before opening the back of your PC tower, make sure that it is unplugged and you are grounded to avoid any unfortunate accidents. It’s also good to stay away from carpet when performing the installation. Problems with static electricity are not an urban legend.

1. Find your sound card slot on the back of your tower. On most computer towers, empty slots are covered over with a metal bar. Use the first empty slot after an occupied one for the sound card.

2. With a screwdriver, remove the metal bar over the slot.

3. Remove your sound card from its packaging. Be careful not to touch any of the colorful connections on the card as this may damage them.

4. Slide the sound card into the open slot. It will click into place. If you feel any resistance, stop. The card may be inserted upside down. Remove and start again.

5. Once the sound card slides into place screw it back in. turn your PC tower upright and reconnect your peripherals (mouse, keyboard, etc.)

6. Turn on your computer. It should detect the new sound card when it boots up. If not, the instruction manual will guide you through the set up.

You are now ready to hook up those speakers and experience mind-blowing sound at every turn!

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