3 Tips for Cutting Down on Computer Screen Glare

Are you experiencing headaches when you work on your computer all day? It could be the screen. If you suspect that the screen may be causing your head to pound, here are some suggestions to cut down on the blinding glare.

For a long time, people didn’t think about the computer screen. When the screen is bright it is easier to see, especially when the surrounding light is low. But, if you have ever looked at someone sitting in a dark room looking at a computer screen, what does it remind you of? That’s right – someone watching television. The only difference is that we are taught not to sit that close up to a television screen.

No wonder the screen’s glare affects you so! For office workers and home business owners, the computer is a necessity. Whether it is a laptop or a PC, you rely on it to conduct your business. So, what can you do to stop the eyestrain?

Tip #1 – Unplug your laptop. When your laptop is plugged in it runs on AC power. The computer screen is brighter while you work. A good laptop battery can run free of AC power for six or eight hours. Even a four-hour battery will serve you well. So, simply unplug. The screen is now dimmed since it is using the battery. Work in four hour periods and then recharge the battery while you do something else.

Tip #2 – Use lamps and overhead lighting to compensate. If your monitor allows you to adjust the settings, turn them down. A desk lamp can compensate for the low light and help reduce the eyestrain.

Tip #3 – Invest in a glare filter. For PCs the filter is made into a bracket that fits over the monitor screen. For long hours spent on the computer, your eyes won’t become strained and cause headaches. Using the filter all the time will benefit everyone who uses the computer.

For laptops, glare filters fit on the edges of the screen frame or directly on the screen. They can be removed when you are done working. Some glare filters even incorporate privacy so that no one can see what you are doing on your laptop unless they are directly in front of the screen.

Now you don’t have to wear your sunglasses indoors when working on your computer. You’re now equipped with something even better: Three solutions to stop the headaches and still get your work done or surf the web for fun.

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