Best Tips on Cleaning Your Laptop or PC

Your computer is like a best friend. You spend time with it just about every day. But have you looked at it lately? Ugh! Yeah it can get pretty dirty just like you would if you sat all day long in one spot and had everyone’s dirty hands all over you! Here are some tips for cleaning your laptop or PC.

The first thing to remember is even though your computer screen or monitor resembles a television screen, you don’t clean it the same way. Spraying Windex on your screen will create bigger problems. Computers work hard but they are delicate. Take the soft approach.

Cleaning the Screen

Whether a laptop or a PC, the screen will get dirty. You touch it and dare we say, probably have sneezed on it (deadlines still exist even when you are under the weather). Over time, all of this stuff builds up on your computer and needs to be cleaned off.

To see just how dirty your computer is, turn it off and stare at the blank screen. Before you scream, grab a lint-free cloth. You can buy them at any computer store.

Gently apply even pressure as you wipe dirt and dust off of the screen. Be aware that pressing too hard could damage the components in the screen. This is not so much the case with a computer monitor unless you have one of those newer flat screen ones.

If the screen is still not clean, you can apply a little cleaner specifically for computer monitors to the screen. When the hard stuff softens, wipe it away with a lint-free cloth. Commercial cleaners may say that they are safe for computers but using an approved is best and won’t leave a film on your screen.

Cleaning the Keyboard

The worst looking place on your computer is the keyboard. Over time, dust, lint, dirt, food and other small particles get wedged between keys. Since the keys are so close together, it is nearly impossible to clean between them with a cloth and not pop your keys off.

Instead, use a can of compressed air to clean your keyboard. Start at one end of the row of keys and direct the spray towards the other to move all the dirt out in one direction. Use some of the screen cleaner to wipe skin oils from the keyboard keys. Follow all of this up with a computer brush or computer vacuum to remove the last bits of debris.

Try to perform this maintenance on a monthly basis. It prevents sticky key situations and you scratching on the screen to remove dirt. Not to mention, those nasty germs will no longer linger and make you sick again! Take care of your computer and it will take care of you.

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