Best Tips on Adding Memory to Your PC or Laptop

Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply open up your brain and add more space so you could remember everything? Oh well, you can’t do that but you can add more memory to your PC or laptop if the need arises.

When you buy a computer, it comes with a certain amount of memory already loaded on. This storage is where you can save files, applications, music, videos, pictures and anything else you’d like. It would be great to have unlimited memory but that is not always the case.

Maybe you have noticed that your computer is running slower than usual. You have used Disk Defragmenter to combine files and get rid of others that you don’t need. A computer that still runs slow may need a memory boost.

You can check the memory capacity on your hard drive. If you go to Start Menu, click on Computer. You’ll see a visual representation of your hard disk drives (C and D). The C drive is what you are looking at. It will show you how much of the total memory is still free, such as “231GB free of 285.”

When you need more memory, it’s not that hard to find. The quickest way is to check with your manufacturer. Most name brand computers have websites where you can find everything you need with a few clicks.

Let’s use Dell for example. On the bottom of a Dell laptop or on the Dell PC tower is your service tag number. With that number, you can access all of the information about the computer that they built for you. Now, you can find out which memory options you have for that model.

Memory comes in different configurations depending on the age of your computer. It doesn’t require an expert, but you will need to pay attention to the instructions carefully to get it right. For a laptop, the memory can be inserted in the underside of the device.

In either case, be sure that the device is turned off and everything is unplugged before beginning. Working on a kitchen table away from carpeted flooring is best to avoid problems with static electricity. Be sure that you are grounded to avoid shock.

Read all instructions before beginning. There are dedicated slots for memory expansion in both devices. Before you purchase a new computer, see if it is more feasible to add memory for better performance.

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